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   Chapter 217 More And More Complicated

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"Hiram, you really want me to do such a test?" Shirley couldn't believe what she was hearing. She'd never thought that Hiram would treat her like some cheap girl. On top of that, she was astonished that Hiram was still in his senses.

Hiram left the room without saying another word or glancing at her.

Hearst followed Hiram out of the room and tried to calm him down. "Why are you going so far, dear brother? What happened is normal. Which man can sleep with just one woman for his entire life? I believe Rachel won't say a word about it. It's not your fault, after all."

Standing on the deck, Hiram tried to sober up. He looked up at the dark heavens above, where even the stars had gone home to rest.

"Things like this must be cleared up right away. Otherwise, suspicion would sprout like a seed and slowly grow into a big tree. That's the last thing I want between Rachel and me," he said.

Besides, he had never slept with any woman before Rachel. He wasn't going to let his reputation be ruined by a woman like Shirley.

He knew he had already let Rachel down many times. He couldn't afford to lose his physical loyalty to her, too.

Inside the room, Rachel stared at Shirley, who was still lost in her thoughts, and sneered," Tell me, Shirley, why did you come to the party with Susan even though your best friend, Lydia, isn't here?"

"Why? No particular reason! I was bored and I knew I could have a lot of fun here," Shirley replied, not meeting Rachel's eyes.

"Really? Because the moment I saw you, I had a feeling that you were up to something. Firstly, you brought Hearst to my room. Then, I found you sleeping in this room with Hiram. Do you really think I'm going to take all this as a coincidence?" spat Rachel.

She realized that she had to look at Shirley with new eyes now.

She used to think that although Shirley had a glib tongue, she wouldn't do anything bad. But it seemed that what Shirley was capable of was far beyond her imagination. She had to treat Shirley the same way she did to Lydia.

No wonder they were close to each other. Birds of a feather flock together.

"What are you talking about? You're good at cooking up stories, aren't you? Wait, did I hear you right? Did you say you were with Hearst in your room? Then what happened between you two? The same thing as Hiram and me?" Shirley exclaimed, as if she knew nothing about it.

Rachel laughed, turned around and made her way to the door. "Do you know you are a good actress? But things aren't going the way you want them to go."

The cruise was pulling in to shore, but Shirley refused to get off the ship.

She screamed at the to

e, it would be Hiram's fault. I'll let him do what he should do."

Hearing that, Shirley bit her lips hard and made up her mind. "Fine, I'll do what you ask me to do!"

Hiram glanced at her, staying calm.


Inside the Streams Company building, Daniel looked at the resignation letter on his table, then shifted his eyes to Rachel, who was standing in front of him. "What happened? Why are you quitting now?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, Daniel! But I think I have to quit now because I'm too occupied by personal affairs, and I'm afraid I'll affect our work progress. I'll feel awful if I slow the team down," Rachel explained.

She sighed deeply. If it weren't for all the problems in her personal life, she would never quit her job like this.

"Okay, but here's my suggestion. Take a few days off, and return to your work when you feel better. If you still feel that quitting is the best choice a few days later, then I'll sign the letter," Daniel said after thinking it over.

He knew what Rachel was going through recently. If he kept making her work hard, she might collapse.

"Thank you," Rachel said hesitantly, then turned around and left.

After she left the company, she went back to her apartment instead of Tulip Palace.

Fannie was home, looking for a place to rent on her phone. When she saw Rachel come in, she waved to her and said," I'm glad you came now, sweetie! Come and see which house is better. I'm looking for a place to rent.

I'm planning to run a restaurant, so it has to be moderate in size. I've made up my mind to make good use of the receipts your grandma gave me. I'm pretty sure my business will be good!"

Fannie told Rachel. Then, realizing that Rachel was lost in her thoughts, she said," Sweetie? Rachel?"

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