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   Chapter 216 Did You Sleep With Her Or Not

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Rachel stared incredulously at the two people in bed. She felt like her heart had stopped beating.

Then she noticed something.

Shirley was lying naked in Hiram's arms, while Hiram was disheveled. But he seemed to be in a deep sleep. Rachel and Hearst's break-in hadn't woken him up.

On the other hand, Shirley was wide awake. When she saw them, she screamed, pulling the quilt to cover herself and trying to hide herself in Hiram's arms.

While Shirley was doing this, Rachel noticed a vivid blood stain on the quilt.

"Calm down, Rachel. You know, men always do stupid things when they're drunk." Hearst saw the stain too. It was embarrassing, but he still tried to defend Hiram.

For Hearst, this kind of drunken mistake was quite normal. It wasn't a big deal. But it was different for Rachel.

She stepped back, feeling like she couldn't breathe. Hearst held Rachel up and said," Don't be mad at Hiram, Rachel. Calm down."

When Rachel was still wondering how to handle the situation, she heard a door open outside the bedroom.

Then she heard Richard and his wife talking. "What's happening? It's already midnight, but I'm sure I heard someone screaming."

"Me too. Let's go and find out what's wrong!"

That was all the motivation Rachel needed. She closed her eyes and opened them again. Now, they were as cold as ice. She strode to the bed and grabbed Shirley, who was still trying to bury herself in Hiram's arms.

She pulled Shirley out of the bed with the quilt still wrapped around her.

"Rachel, what are you doing? Are you insane?" Shirley shouted, startled by Rachel's rough actions.

But Rachel didn't answer Shirley. Instead, she pushed Shirley into Hearst's arms.

Hearst, who didn't want to touch Shirley, dodged her. However, Rachel shouted at him," Hold her!"

The look in Rachel's eyes scared him. Without asking any questions, he held Shirley in his arms immediately, gripping her tighter when she tried to escape.

The voices of Richard and his wife were getting closer and closer.

Shirley, who was still fighting against Hearst's grip, couldn't figure out what Rachel was doing.

There was only a few seconds left.

Rachel took out another quilt from the closet and threw it on the bed. Then, she lay on the bed and pulled up the quilt to cover Hiram and hers

something like this? You did, you did have…" Shirley bit her lips and stared at the red stain on the bed sheet, embarrassed.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows. He slowly said," Fine. Since you're so sure about this, I'll ask them to dock the boat."

He shook his head, feeling dizzy. He looked at Rachel and said," Don't worry, Rachel. We can test it."

If he'd really done something with Shirley, he would have left his semen in her body.

It wasn't easy to destroy that kind of evidence. They could test it.

"No, no, Hiram. I'm not going… How could you do that? How can you insult me like this after everything you've done?" Biting her lips, Shirley looked at Hiram in tears. She pulled the quilt tighter around herself, took her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

Rachel looked at Hiram coldly. Her face was pale.

Hiram walked towards her and reached out to hug her, but Rachel pushed him away. "Don't touch me."

Even if he was innocent and had done nothing, he still had another woman in his bed just now.

A few moments later, Shirley came out of the bathroom fully dressed. She walked to Hiram, lowered her head and said," Hiram, you were drunk. I don't blame you. If you don't want to admit it, it's fine. I'll just let it go,"

she said, turning to walk out of the bedroom.

"Wait! No matter what the result is, I want you to go to the hospital to get tested," Hiram said, lowering his voice. Then, he went out to make a phone call. "Billy, dock the boat. I have something to do and I need to get off right now."

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