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   Chapter 215 Family Gathering On Cruise Ship (Part 2)

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Seeing Rachel walking up to him, Hiram reached out to hold her hand and passed her a glass of wine.

"Come here, honey! Let's propose a toast to Uncle Richard," he said.

Rachel took the glass in her hand and turned to Richard with a big smile on her face. "Uncle Richard, I've been hearing about you for a long time, and now, I'm finally getting the chance to meet you in person. You look more magnificent than I thought!"

"Really? You're so sweet! Hiram, congratulations! Bottoms up!" Richard said approvingly and drained his glass. "When will you two hold your wedding? I'm looking forward to seeing you exchange oaths!"

Hiram finished his wine and put his glass on the plate held by a waiter near them. He also took Rachel's glass, from which she'd only taken a sip, and put it on the plate before answering Richard's question. "Soon! At the end of this year."

"Great! But look at my Hearst, I'm afraid I won't live to see his big day! He's hanging out with so many women but he never introduces any of them to us. It's really getting on my nerves!" Richard sighed and shook his head, not knowing that Hearst was sitting right behind them.

Hearing his father's complaint, Hearst mumbled," Dad, did you forget that I'm two years younger than Hiram? I promise I'll find a virtuous wife and bring her to see you and mom in two years! Can you just stop complaining now?"

he asked, glancing at Rachel. He'd known this would happen if Rachel showed up to the party.

Everyone around them burst into laughter at Hearst's words.

Rachel noticed that Gavin hadn't shown up at such an important family gathering. Joanna was sitting at a table and chatting with other elder ladies.

Later, at dinner, Rachel noticed that Hiram seemed to be a little drunk. People came over to toast him one after another, and he kept pouring wine into his mouth without any hesitation. Rachel thought there might be two reasons why he was drinking without any control; the first was that it was a family gathering that happened only once a year, and the second was that their wedding was coming.

Meanwhile, in one of the cabins, Shirley was on her phone.

"Shirley, are you really at the Rong family's gathering party?"

"Yes, Lydia! You know I wouldn't waste such a good opportunity. I'm going to try my best to humiliate Rachel in front of all the elders, so that Hiram will leave her."

"Listen to me, Shirley! Stop doing stupid things! I know my father well. He's going to continue pursuing the matter of Aunt Lan

he asked himself hysterically," Which room is mine? Room 2006 or Room 2009?

Don't worry, Rachel. Just give me one second! Oh, I remember! It's 2009. My sister preferred Room 2006, so I left it to her!"

Finally figuring out where his room was, he pointed and headed to the end of the corridor.

When they reached Room 2009, Hearst pulled the handle of the door, but he couldn't open it. He turned to Rachel and said," It's locked, and I can't open it without my card!"

Looking at his face, which looked exactly like Hiram's, made Rachel even more anxious. "Kick it open!" she shouted at him.

"What? No, I can't. I might hurt my legs," Hearst replied, shaking his head, and took a few steps back from the door. Born into a rich family, he'd been coddled since childhood and had never put himself in rough situations.

"Hurry up! Kick it open! Or I'll shout loudly that you're taking advantage of me. What do you think Hiram will do when he hears?" Rachel shouted.

Hearst shook his head immediately. He'd been scared of Hiram since he was a little boy, and there was no way he could face him now if Rachel really did something like that.

He retreated, rubbed his hands together, and kicked the door hard. But it didn't open.

Rachel sneered and said," That's the best you can do? I can't believe you! Be a man!"

Provoked by Rachel's harsh words, Hearst rolled up his sleeves and kicked again, this time with all his strength.

The door flew open with a bang.

Rachel pulled Hearst aside and rushed into the room, pressing the switch in the hallway. At once, it was as bright as day.

But Rachel was speechless when she saw who were lying on the bed.

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