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   Chapter 214 Family Gathering On Cruise Ship (Part I)

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When Hiram showed up at the party, he would undoubtedly become the center of attention. So instead of going inside directly and greeting everyone, he stood in front of the entrance and waited for Rachel.

Rachel was shocked by the number of people at the party when she arrived. Stunned, she stood between Susan and Shirley, barely noticing when Hiram took her hand.

Hiram and Rachel walked into the hall hand in hand.

Since it was Rachel's first official introduction to the family, everyone turned their eyes to her. She was the heroine tonight.

Because of the atmosphere, Rachel felt like a superstar as she walked down the red carpet.

There were at least a hundred people gathering here, all related to the Rong family one way or another. The moment she entered, she heard the children's playful noises die down and saw the benevolent smiles on the elders' faces fade, as everyone turned to look at her and Hiram. The younger generation of men and women couldn't keep their eyes off them either.

Suddenly, they all broke out into applause out of nowhere, and it went on for a long time before stopping.

"Wow, our Hiram finally brings his wife to meet us. See, Mom, I told you not to worry. He always does everything at the right time. Now look, here they are," said Kun while applauding.

Kun Rong, the director of the Public Security Department, had played a huge role in helping rescue Rachel from the kidnappers. Now, he was clapping his hands enthusiastically and talking to the gray-haired woman next to him.

"Oh, hey, in spite of how poor the Ruan family is, their daughter looks very good. She has good mannerisms, too," Kun's mother said approvingly with a big smile on her face.

In another part of the room, Hearst looked at Susan, who had just come over to him, and said," Sister, why are you so late? I need your help. Please ask mom to stop. She keeps nagging at me about marriage. I can't stand it anymore."

Susan stuck out her tongue at him. If Shirley hadn't insisted on coming with her, she would have arrived at the party a long time ago.

In the middle of the room, Hiram, who was still holding Rachel's hand, started to introduce her to all the relatives of the Rong family.

Rachel counted and found that a lot of the people present were men. Hiram had about five uncles who all had sons, making the count 15. On top of that, most of those sons were married and had children.

Since it was meant to be a family gathering, everyone had brought all their family members here, so it added up to more than one hundred people at the party.

Besides, the Rong family had been around for more than a hundred years, so their popularity had swelled up as well.

Rachel, who was being swept around the room by Hiram to be introduced to all his relatives, was starting to feel dizzy. There were so many of them that she couldn't remember them all in such a short time. She thought that even if they met like this every year, it would take her a few more years before she could distinguish all of them.

After the introductions were over, Rachel w

rley anxiously tried to explain. "Sisters, please don't be mad. I'm not talking about you. You've all contributed a lot to the Rong family. I was just talking about that particular issue. I wasn't trying to offend any of you."

Her words angered Rachel, who fixed a light but cold smile onto her face.

"So, Shirley, I'm the only one you're talking about, right?" Rachel asked.

Shirley was stunned by Rachel's cold voice. She bit her lips and swallowed the words that were threatening to spill out of her mouth. Instead, she looked around the table, as if gathering support, and said with a fake smile," Look at the other daughters-in-law, they all have one or two children already. But look at you! You've been living with Hiram for so long. Why don't you have children yet?"

"Shirley, you'd better stop right there. She's lived with Hiram for barely half a year. It's not a big deal if they haven't had kids yet," Kun's wife said sharply.

"Are you kidding me? How about you and your husband? If I remember correctly, you conceived during your honeymoon. Having children can be the easiest thing in the world. But it seems it can also be the hardest," Shirley said with a smug smile on her face.

Rachel laughed coldly and said," Shirley, I used to think that you were too young to be concerning yourself about certain matters, but it seems I was wrong. Since when did Hiram and I need you to plan our future?" Then, dropping her sarcasm, she said," If you don't feel comfortable staying here, or if you ever make me feel uncomfortable again, the yacht outside will be waiting to send you back at any time!"

Rachel stood up and walked towards Hiram, leaving a dumbstruck Shirley in her wake.

Even as she walked away, Rachel's pace was relaxed and she looked calm, as if nothing had happened at the table just moments ago.

All the women sitting at the table watched Rachel as she joined Hiram, who was in conversation with someone. She was smiling calmly and didn't seem affected by the episode at all. Her demeanor was that of a hostess's.

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