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   Chapter 213 Her Cruise Ship

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After thinking it over, she walked towards Hiram and put her arms around his neck. "Honey, can I not go to the gathering this time? I'll definitely go next year!

Please!" she pleaded.

Hiram held her hand and whispered gently," No way, honey. Since everyone already knows you're my wife, you have to come with me."

"Uhh..." Rachel lowered her head and said listlessly," But I'll be nervous."

Hiram smiled gently. He rubbed her hair and comforted her," You'll have to meet them sooner or later, and I think the sooner the better, so that you'll be familiar with them. Just come and greet them.

Besides, I'll be with you the whole time."

Rachel sighed and said," But I'm sure I'll get pulled into a group of women. Since women are born to be talkative, I'll have a hard time facing so many of them. On top of that, it's a party full of your relatives. Even if they say something unpleasant, you can't stand up for me and risk offending them."

'If that happens, I'll have to rely on myself, ' Rachel thought.

"Honey! You'd better go into the room and change your clothes now instead of worrying about what might happen at the party. The makeup artist has arrived. Call her in when you're ready," Hiram said and sighed internally.

He knew that Rachel needed experience in facing these kinds of situations on her own, even if she was reluctant to do it.

Once she overcame her psychological barriers, it would become easy for her.

Rachel walked into the suite and looked at the dress that was neatly placed on the bed. Taking a deep breath, she thought to herself, 'Rachel, since you have to go to the party, you should face it bravely. The worst they'll do is gossip about you or argue with you. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Just put on a brave front and show them how great you are.'

Feeling motivated enough, she began to change her clothes.

When she was done and waiting with Hiram to finish getting her makeup done, Hearst walked in.

Glancing at Rachel, he pulled a chair and sat opposite Hiram. "Hiram, can you do me a favor and ask Rachel to come to our next family party instead?

Before you got married, I brought you up as an excuse every time my mo

ld on our cruise ship, why should we feel nervous?" Hiram turned to her with a smile, holding her hand firmly.

"Really? You mean I can ask anyone who annoys me to leave?" Rachel asked, laughing incredulously.

Hiram nodded and said," Yes."

They had hardly taken a few steps forward when they heard someone calling them. "Hiram! Rachel! Wait for me!"

Lifting her long skirt up, Susan shook Shirley Fang's hand off and ran over. She shouted," Hey, Shirley! The party is for the Rong family members. Are you following me and trying to make trouble again?"

"Come on, Susan. I'm not going to make any trouble. I came here just to have fun. Besides, there are so many people here at the party, so it's not a big deal if there's just one more person. Am I right?" Shirley came over, following Susan.

She looked at Hiram and Rachel with a fake smile and nodded to them in greeting.

Susan walked away from Shirley and towards Rachel. She smiled and said," Rachel, you look gorgeous today! You must be the most beautiful woman at the party. Hiram will be proud of you!"

Hiram glanced at them, then let go of Rachel's hand and walked into the cruise ship ahead of them.

Shirley came over immediately and followed close behind Rachel and Susan. Since she was an outsider, she had to follow the Rong family members closely, or she would be too conspicuous.

Rachel was astonished when she stepped into the cruise ship.

What a huge number of people!

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