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   Chapter 212 Hiram’s Dissolute Cousin

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"Don't tell this to anyone. If you remember something else, call me at any time."The butler patted the envelope.

Gavin walked out from the small restaurant with a more dignified expression.

The Rong family was immersed in grief when Landy suddenly passed away. And when the secrets started to come out, no one was prepared for them.

No secret could be hidden forever. Gavin believed that sooner or later, all the truth would be revealed.

In the Stream Company.

When Hiram got out of the conference room, Chad rushed over and whispered something to him.

"Have you made any progress?" Hiram asked after hearing what Chad had to say.

He shook his head helplessly. "Nothing yet. But it seems that your father is not ready to give up just yet."

"Yes, I know. Get someone to watch over him and be sure to verify the words again."Hiram walked toward the office after giving his instructions.

Morally speaking, he should not go against his father's wishes. But this was about Rachel.

That was why he couldn't let this issue go.

In the Stream Company, the office for the project of Cliff Mountain.

Rachel was busy typing on the keyboard when the phone suddenly rang. She picked it up.

"Oh dear! Mom, can you stop?" Rachel frustratedly answered," You haven't fully recovered yet and now you want to look for a new shop? Why don't you take a longer vacation?"

Because of the accident, Fannie could no longer work like she used to. But since she had always been busy throughout her life, her body was not used to doing nothing. She felt like she had been resting for forever.

"You should support your mom! Don't you understand?" Fannie questioned. "I am not yet old! I can't stay in the house waiting for you to earn money and give me food. I have to be self-reliant!"

Fannie declared.

"Fine. I'll spare some time to look for a new shop with you, okay?"Rachel knew her mother's temper. She could only comfort her.

Right after Rachel hung up the phone, a file fell onto her desk. She looked up to see Daniel standing by her desk with arms crossed on his chest.

"Hiram wants this document now. Go up and give it to him," he urgently demanded.

Rachel was not willing to follow his demand. "Why do I have to do this? I am very busy!"

Daniel snapped back at Rachel saying," Please do as you are told without complain."Daniel slammed his hands on her desk to remind Rachel that he was still the boss. Then he turned around to walk tow

ard the president's office with Rachel.

Once they were in the office, Rachel asked Hiram," Who is he?"

"He's my cousin. Susan is his sister." Hiram answered while walking around his desk and opening the file.

After thinking for a moment, Rachel said," Then he's not your younger brother. But why does he look a lot like you?"

Hiram hesitated. When he was young, he hated other people saying that Hearst looked like him. This was because Hearst had done many dissolute things using his name.

"Maybe the appearance is inherited from generation to generation. His grandfather and my grandfather are brothers after all."

Rachel nodded, agreeing with this theory. Suddenly she remembered what he had just said earlier out in the corridor.

When he mentioned that she had to attend a meeting, she didn't think too much of it assuming that it was just another ordinary meeting.

But she felt anxious when she remembered Hearst mentioned that it was a Rong family gathering.

"You mentioned that we're going to attend a meeting this afternoon..." Rachel said.

"A family gathering. All the family members will be there. It's nothing serious. We always have this gathering every year after the Mid-Autumn Festival." Hiram explained while looking at the contract.

A frown crept onto Rachel's face. "Hiram, I still have work to do this afternoon. Would it be okay if I not go with you?"

"No." Hiram refused without raising his head.

An enormous wave of pressure suddenly overwhelmed Rachel. When they attended a small gathering last time, she already felt stressed.

This time, it was a gathering of the entire Rong family.

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