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   Chapter 210 I’m Hungry, Honey!

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 9708

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Hiram felt disappointed at being interrupted by the call. He gave Rachel a peck on her cheek and said,"I'm going upstairs to work out. Will you join me later?"

Rachel pouted but nodded to him. "Okay, let me answer my call first!"

Grabbing her phone, she threw herself onto her bed and picked the call up.

Celine screamed into the phone as if she was going to jump right out of it.

"Rachel! When did you take all these wedding photos? They're fabulous! And who was the man lifting your hemline for you? He looks like Clare Pei. Did you add him into the photo with Photoshop?

But I'm zooming in on the photo and it does look like a real Clare. Tell me right now, was it him or not?"

Afraid that Celine would make her go deaf, Rachel kept her phone away from her ear and said,"It's absolutely him! Believe me! I'll send you a photo of Clare and me later. You can see it yourself!"

"What?! Are you telling the truth? You took a photo with Clare? You're so dead, Rachel! Why did you go to meet Clare without me? I can't believe it!" Celine shouted. She'd always been a huge fan of Clare Pei.

Rachel laughed guiltily, and to comfort Celine, she said,"Next time, I'll bring you with me. I was in a rush last time, and had no time to pick you up."

"You'd better remember this! I'm going to hold you to it. Fine! Did you at least get his autograph for me?" Celine asked eagerly.

"Of course! I've several, and you can take as many as you like," Rachel replied delightedly.

Celine felt satisfied, because she'd been longing for Clare's signature for a long time. Then, she said,"Rachel, there's something I want to tell you, but it's not good news.

Fiona, some other colleagues and I had an argument with the director of our company the other day. On payday, we all found that our salary was 1000 bucks less than usual, so I went to ask him why. He said that the remaining salary would be paid at the end of this year. You should've seen his face when he said that. I wanted to punch him!

I begged him again and again. You know, most of us are barely making ends meet and we're really depending on this salary to pay our rent. It was cruel of them to withhold some of our salary like that. It feels like they're afraid of us leaving suddenly."

Hearing Celine's complaint, Rachel sat up on her bed and put the photos away. "What happened after that? How are you doing now?"

"I told him we would quit if they're going to act like this, and I also told him to keep the money himself!" Celine said. But feeling a little guilty, she added,"Dear Rachel, to tell you the truth, I only dared to shout at my boss like that because you would back me up. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the courage."

Rachel laughed and said,"You're right. I'll back you up. Since things are going like this, come and work with me as soon as possible. Bring all our colleagues who are suffering. The stud

ot!I've been working hard every day to support you and our kids, but look at what you did to me! You're having dinner with some other guy instead of coming home!" The husband could barely catch his breath, and his face was turning red with anger.

But the other man, who looked bland in appearance, calmly said,"Don't be so mad! I admit that I have a crush on her. I can't deny that it hurts me to see her going home every day after work, cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry, while all you care about is making money. You make her do everything for you at home and shout at her all the time. You never care about her! Yes, it's not right for me to come between you two, but I don't think I'm the only one at fault here!

I love her, and I care about her feelings! If you don't cherish her anymore, please leave her alone."

What the other man said seemed to embarrass the husband, because his face turned pale and he couldn't seem to utter another word. Out of rage, he pointed his finger at his wife and the other man, kicked the table over and left.

After the husband left, the other man pulled the woman into his arms and patted her on her shoulder. "Don't be upset. I won't put you into a dilemma. Whether you get divorced or not is up to you."

After watching the whole scene, Rachel quietly turned back and glanced at Hiram.

She didn't know who she was supposed to feel pity for. The husband was simple-minded and didn't know how to manage a family, the wife was hardworking but ignored by her husband, and the other man loved her but would rather stay by her side silently than ask her to choose.

Rachel knew it was a complicated situation, but one thing was clear: women deserved care all the time.

While she was thinking, Hiram held her hand and they walked out of the restaurant together.

"Hiram, if I tell you I fall in love with another guy one day, what would you do to me?"

Rachel asked boldly.

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