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   Chapter 208 The Relationship Went Sour

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"What? What did you say? It's impossible. I've never heard about that. Where did you learn that information?"

Fannie's eyes were genuinely filled with surprise. It seemed that she really didn't know that Landy had given birth to a child.

"So you don't know. Then I guess the information still needs to be verified. Gavin, I've told you that the source of the information is odd, and the information itself is ridiculous. It's better to investigate it again, " said Joanna softly, turning to Gavin.

Fannie wanted to ask more questions, but Rachel pulled her arm and said, "Mom, it all happened a long time ago. Maybe someone just remembered it wrong and said that casually. So don't take it too seriously!"

Rachel knew that their conversation was almost over. She studied the look on Gavin's face, then she stood up and said, "Dad, mom, it's late. I have to take my mom home, then get back to work."

Gavin, who was deep in thought, looked at Rachel and said, "Rachel, why not let your mom stay here and have lunch with us before leaving?"

"Yeah. Rachel, Fannie, why not stay and have lunch here? No matter what has happened, we're still family!" Joanna said, echoing his words.

But Fannie had always been a woman with pride and self-esteem. If she stayed and had lunch with Gavin and Joanna, she definitely wouldn't be able to control her emotions.

"Maybe another time. I'm a little tired because of the travel. I want to go back and take rest. Rachel, let's go, " she said.

Rachel nodded to Joanna and Gavin and said, "Mom, dad, we're leaving."

After Fannie and Rachel had gone, the forced smile on Gavin's face disappeared, and he slumped onto the sofa.

"Joanna, I somehow feel that Fannie is still hiding something from us."

He had never given the Ruan family much thought before. Gavin used to believe that Rachel was a nice and innocent girl and that Fannie was a strong woman who had struggled to raise her daughter after her husband passed away. But now, it seemed that things were much more complex than he'd thought. The recent events confused him and made it difficult for him to find the truth.

Joanna looked at him, heaved a sigh and said, "Gavin, don't be so suspicious. No matter how things go, Rachel is our daughter-in-law now. It's understandable even if Fannie is hiding something from us for her sake.

Besides, Hiram now not only cherishes Rachel but also feels guilty about choosing Lydia's life over hers. He doesn't want Rachel to be hurt anymore. As his parents, we can't make his marriage hard for him."

Gavin stood up and walked to his room without responding.

After Rachel and Fannie left the Rong family's house, Fannie refused to go back to Tulip Palace no matter how much Rachel tried to convince her.

"Rachel, I ha

bsidiary of Streams Company.

"Yeah, I'm eating, " Rachel said, trying to eat even though she'd lost her appetite.

"You didn't go upstairs and ask Aaron to cook you lunch?" Hiram asked, furrowing his eyebrows when he realized that Rachel seemed to be in a noisy place.

Rachel looked around. There were several hundreds of people. How could they not make any noise? "Yeah. My mom came back this morning, and it was lunchtime by the time I returned to office. So I came to the staff canteen directly to have lunch, " she said.

Hiram kept silent for a few seconds on the other end of the line.

"Look, no matter how late it is, you should go upstairs and let Aaron cook for you. Do you hear me?" said Hiram. He knew that idle gossip was not pleasant to hear and that it had the power to hurt someone.

"Yes, I know, " Rachel said, her mind wandering.

Because of Rachel, Penny and Millay also felt uneasy as they ate. Under the gaze of so many people, they couldn't have lunch comfortably like they usually did.

Most people had finished their meals, but they still remained at their tables to look at and gossip about Rachel.

"I suppose I'll be back tonight. Wait for me. I'll pick you up, " Hiram said gently.

Rachel said okay and hung up. Millay, who was sitting opposite her, said, "I'm stuffed. I'm going back to the office first."

"I'm going back too. You keep eating, " Penny said.

Rachel nodded. From the leftovers on their plates, she knew that they hadn't eaten fully. She sighed internally.

Although she had come to the canteen mentally prepared, she still couldn't help feeling uncomfortable when hearing all the gossip.

She didn't want to waste food, but there was no way she could finish eating here, so she was about to hold her plate and stand up.

But at that moment, There was an announcement in the canteen.

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