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   Chapter 207 Fannie Told The Secret

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Rachel hurriedly hung up the phone and said to Daniel, "Daniel, I'm afraid I have to ask for the rest of the day off. My mom has come to H City and it seems she's gone directly to the Rong family's house. I have to go there quickly."

Daniel raised his eyebrows and said, "No problem. Just remember to finish your work later."

"I will, " Rachel promised, then put the cup on his desk and walked to the door.

"Wait, "

Daniel suddenly said. "Rachel, if this matter is not handled properly, it may affect your relationship with the Rong family. So even if there are some things that you're not comfortable with, try to adjust and live with them.

As for those past events, they will eventually fade out of your memories over time. But if your relationship with the Rong family breaks, there will be a permanent scar."

Rachel listened to Daniel's advice with her hand on the doorknob. Then, she smiled and said, "Thank you, Daniel, "

Before leaving the office.

Rachel asked Carl to drive her directly to the home of the Rong family.

When she got there, Fannie was already seated on the sofa, opposite Gavin and Joanna.


Rachel walked over, heaving a sigh of relief in her mind. The atmosphere wasn't as intense as she had expected it to be. She greeted Gavin and Joanna too, saying, "Dad, Mom, sorry for bothering you!"

On the way here, she had been worried that Fannie, With her quick temper, would already be picking a fight with Gavin and Joanna.

"Rachel, come and sit. Your mother arrived a while ago. I suggest we all sit down and talk calmly." Joanna smiled, then shouted in the direction of the kitchen, "Amy, bring two cups of tea."

Rachel sat down next to Fannie and looked at her in-laws.

Gavin, who had been silent so far, started the conversation.

"Fannie, you've come at exactly the right time. I have something to ask you."

Fannie's expression hardened. It seemed that she knew what Gavin was going to ask.

She also knew that it couldn't be a secret forever. Sooner or later, the truth always came to light.

She just hadn't expected it to happen so fast. Her daughter still hadn't cemented her status in t

happened between our two families was exactly the reason why I tried so hard to accomplish the wish of our elders. This way, no tragedy will happen again.

Gavin, I know Miss Rong's death was a great blow to you. I know exactly how it feels to lose the one you love.

Simpson was tortured by the pain his whole life, just like you are. That was why his life was so short. We have suffered no less than you, "

Fannie said in grief. Recalling Simpson still brought tears into her eyes.

"Mom..." Rachel took a piece of tissue and wiped Fannie's tears. Then, forcing a smile, she said, "It doesn't matter, you still have me to keep you company."

Fannie smiled back through her tears and patted Rachel's hand. "I'm fine. I believe your in-laws are reasonable. They won't blame you for the mistake that your father and I made."

What Fannie said made Gavin's face turn pale. Every time he saw Rachel's face, it reminded him of Simpson, and he couldn't take it.

"Fannie, you're right. But how could you hide the truth from us for so long? That's not fair, " Gavin complained with a sigh.

Joanna patted Gavin on his leg and consoled him in a low voice, "Well, Gavin, don't be angry. Fannie has suffered all these years too. At least we have a big family. Stop holding a grudge against her, okay?

By the way, Fannie, we also heard that Landy had a child. Do you know anything about that?"

The question caught Fannie by surprise.

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