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   Chapter 206 You Are Mine

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"Hiram, did you already know about this? Why didn't you tell me? You didn't even prepare me for it! Is this what you meant by white lies?

Get out of here! I don't want to see you!"

She bellowed at him.

Hiram caught the pillow she threw at him with one hand and walked towards her, then comforted her in a low, soft tone. "I only found out about this a few days ago. I didn't tell anyone about it then because I was planning to investigate it on my own first, but my dad found out about it somehow.

I was as unprepared for it as you were. Anyway, it doesn't make sense.

I can believe what people say about the relationship between your father and my aunt, but... I'm not going to sit here and accept what they're speculating about our relationship!

Don't worry about it, dear.

Once I have proper evidence, you're the first person I'll tell!" Hiram said firmly, holding her tight and kissing her forehead.

Rachel slowly raised her head, and a flicker of despair flashed in her eyes.

"Hiram, if... If I am really Landy's daughter, then…isn't it incest?"

"Shut up." Hiram's tone became more urgent as he tried to convince her. "You can rest assured that it is impossible."

Rachel nodded. "I know. I won't take that ridiculous DNA test! We are husband and wife. This is the truth!"

Hiram kissed her soft hair and said, "We're not going to the hospital. I don't care who you are. All I know is that you are my wife, the only woman in my life!"

God would not make such a brutal joke...would he? His true love turned out to be his cousin? Definitely not!

But even if she did turn out to be his cousin, so what?

He would still love her forever.

He would never give her up.

"Let's go home. I don't want to stay here, " Rachel said, breaking free from his grasp with watery eyes.

Hiram looked at her expression with his eyebrows wrinkled. He couldn't help but pull her into his arms again. He hated himself for not being able to protect her every time.

"Okay, let's go home!"

Hiram drove her back to the Tulip Palace in the middle of the night.

Once they were home, Rachel locked herself in her room and called Fannie.


"Rachel? Why are you calling me at this hour?" Fann

ding her tongue.

"Now, I'm going to give you ten minutes. During that ten minutes, I am not your boss, just your friend. So if you don't mind, you can tell me what's going on. Why are you acting like this?" Daniel asked gently.

Rachel held the cup and looked at the ground.

She breathed deeply and said, "Yeah… Something bad happened at Hiram's parents' house."

"Oh? What's the matter?" Daniel frowned. The young couple's life was filled with so many ups and downs.

"My father-in-law was very close to his sister before she died. Now, it seems that her death had something to do with my father... And that seems to be a big deal to my father-in-law, "

Rachel said, taking a deep breath and trying to calm down. If Gavin had come all the way from the United States just to investigate this matter, he wasn't going to let it go so easily.

Although Rachel's words were barely coherent, Daniel managed to grasp the meaning.

"I heard about this from Luke. But does the Rong family really consider you as an enemy now?"

Daniel asked.

Gavin loved his sister so much that even after all these years, he felt regretful over her death. If Rachel's father really had something to do with Landy's death, Then Gavin would vent his anger and remorse on Rachel.

It was a tricky situation to be in.

Rachel nodded, then took out her cell phone, which had been ringing for a long time. "Hey… Mom?

Oh, you're here? What...? You're going to visit the Rong family now?"

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