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   Chapter 205 Like A Soap Opera

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Hiram's eyes didn't meet Rachel's. He seemed to have known the news and deliberately chosen not to tell Gavin about it.

"Rachel, as you know, there are only two big families in XH Village, yours and ours. XH Village was also the place where Landy lost her life." Gavin's eyes became vacant as he spoke. He seemed to be reminiscing about the times he had spent with his younger sister.

"Landy was supposed to stay in XH Village for only 10 days or so and go back to the US after that, but she ended up staying there for a year. We didn't worry much about it since we thought she was only a little girl who wanted to have fun.

But what we didn't know was that she had fallen in love with a man there."

Hiram suddenly cut in. "Dad, this matter hasn't been investigated yet, and there is no conclusive evidence. Let me check again. Please don't come to a conclusion so quickly."

Rachel noticed how nervous Hiram was and anticipated that it was bad news. How could such a calm man like Hiram be so nervous?

"No, I sent someone to verify it myself. It's a real clue, but for some reason, everyone kept it a secret. It is only now when the man is dead that they dare to make it public, "

Gavin said.

"Rachel, that man is none other than your father."

Rachel widened her eyes at Gavin's words.

What did he mean?

Landy had been in love with her father?

Rachel was totally confused.

She couldn't understand what he was saying.

Joanna looked at Rachel, and knew that it was difficult for her daughter-in-law to accept, she said, "Rachel, XH Village is a small village. Your father, who I knew at that time, was good-looking and well-spoken. It's no surprise that Landy, who had just become a woman, fell in love with your dad.

Landy was a smart girl, and your dad returned her feelings. The year that Landy stayed in XH Village, she was actually staying with your dad. But at that time... Well, your dad was already engaged to your mother at that time."

Joanna explained.


solve it, rather than turn a blind eye to it."

Gavin turned to Rachel and said, "Rachel, let's go and take a blood test for you."

Rachel was totally confused. She turned stiffly to Hiram.

"So you're saying... I, I might not be my mother's biological daughter?

Are you kidding?

Dad, I don't think there's any need to do that. My mother and I both have O blood type. Since my mother gave me a blood transfusion when I was a child, I know it very well."

God, where on earth had this news come from?

How could her life suddenly become like a scene from a soap opera?

But hearing Rachel's words, Gavin's face only became more grave. "Your blood type is O? So is mine. And Hiram's."

"Dad!" Hiram frowned.

"O blood type is the most common. It's not like everyone who has that blood type is related to the Rong family."

"Yes. Please don't be so paranoid!" Joanna said, taking a deep breath. This whole conversation was setting her on edge, too.

The twists and turns almost scared her to death.

Holding her forehead, Rachel walked towards the stairway. She had to go back to her room and organize her thoughts or she would go mad.

How could she accept the fact that she was suddenly in such a state with no prior warning?

When Hiram followed her into the room, She picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

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