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   Chapter 204 She Has Nothing To Do With It

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"Please, dad! Rachel's my wife now, and I can't do that to her! When she was kidnapped along with Lydia, I asked the kidnappers to let Lydia go instead of Rachel. Have you ever wondered why? It's because you've lost your younger sister and I didn't know what you would do if you lost Lydia this time. I couldn't let you go through that suffering again!

But by doing that, I disappointed and hurt my wife, risking her life for our family's sake. She wasn't even supposed to be involved in it.

We all owe her now, dad! Don't you know that?" Hiram explained, trying to change his father's mind.

Gavin breathed heavily, his chest heaving with each breath, and then he closed his eyes to calm himself down. "Yes, I know, I owe Rachel for that. But Hiram, haven't you ever thought that maybe the ghost of Simpson had sent her to our family to pay his debt?" Gavin asked.

Joanna, who had been standing outside the door and listening for a long time, walked in after realizing that neither of them was going to give in to the other.

"I heard every word you two said just now, " she said.

She looked at Gavin and sighed, and then continued, "As we've seen in the past few months, Rachel is a nice girl, and besides, we consented to this marriage. If you ask Hiram to divorce her now because of something that she had nothing to do with, I think it's unfair to her."

Feeling offended that his wife would support Rachel, Gavin said, "Yes, Joanna, I gave my permission and I supported them all the way. But things are different now. I can't let this go. You know how much I've been suffering since Landy died.

Look, we have learned that Simpson caused Landy's death, and Rachel is his daughter. I can't stand having his daughter as my daughter-in-law as if nothing happened. It's unfair to me and Landy!"

Gavin groaned.

Right at this moment, his phone rang. He picked it up and said, "Yes, go ahead."

He sat straight on his chair and took out a cigarette. Hiram stepped forward and lit it up for his father.

"What! How could it be?" Gavin shouted.

Gavin was so shocked that he dropped his cigarette on the table. "Ridiculous! My sister was a virgin then. How could she have given birth to a baby girl!"

Hiram raised his head and glanced at the phone, his eyes turning cold.

He clenched his fists.

Gavin collapsed on his chair after he hung up the phone, feeling his blood pressure rising. Joanna came over at once and held him in her arms. "Take it ea

es. After all, they both have nothing to do with this."

Gavin coughed and said, "Darling, I know that. But in this case, Rachel has the right to know the truth.

Hiram, come here and sit with us!" Gavin looked at him.

Hiram took a seat next to Rachel, with his face pale.

His original plan had been to hide everything he had learned from his father as well as from Rachel. He had been worried that it would affect his relationship with Rachel.

But unexpectedly, the news had reached his father somehow. Had someone passed the news to his father on purpose?

"Rachel, it's a long story. You know the commitment between our family and yours, right? Our family had a daughter long before you and Hiram were born. She was Hiram's aunt, my younger sister. Her name was Landy, but she died when she was nineteen, "

Gavin said slowly, looking miserable even though it had happened a long time ago.

"It has been 20 years since then, but I still haven't gotten over it. Landy was my only sister, and we were close to each other. But she left us forever before even turning twenty!

I didn't know what happened to her. Everyone told me that it was an accident, but it was too hurtful to believe, so I have been investigating the matter all these years.

A few days ago, the investigation finally made some progress, and I learned that I was right. Her death wasn't just an accident. But this news didn't come to me from Hiram...maybe he was too busy to tell me." Gavin glanced at Hiram.

Rachel listened carefully, and looked at Hiram when Gavin mentioned him. But she was confused. All this didn't seem to have anything to do with her.

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