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   Chapter 203 The Mid-Autumn Festival

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Rachel swallowed back her words, bit her lip and calmed herself down by taking a deep breath. Since he was the boss and had the right to make the final decision, she had better obey him so that he didn't get irritated.

"Honey, let's do something that involves only the two of us, " said Hiram at Rachel's ear, lowering his head to give her a kiss on the shoulder.

"What do you want to do?" Rachel asked, pulling back a little.

Drawing close to her again, Hiram smiled. "You know what I want. I promise you can go to bed early this night, " he said in a flirty tone, kissing her gently on her collarbone. Submerged in the pool, Rachel felt like every gentle touch and movement that Hiram made was electric.

At the same time, Hiram, whose sexual desire was at its peak, took off his bath towel and washed the petite woman with his intense kisses.

After some physical entanglement, Rachel was totally exhausted. She had wanted to relax by taking a good bath, but now, she was more tired than she had been before.

When they returned home, Rachel went right to bed, while Hiram, who was pleasantly satisfied, went upstairs as usual to do exercise. Rachel had a good sleep that night.

The next day, Rachel called Wayne to make sure that Hiram had stopped taking retaliatory action against him.

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, the Mid-Autumn Festival arrived.

The day before, Rachel had arrived at XH Village with Fannie.

Early in the morning on Mid-Autumn day, she accompanied her mother to her father's tomb, carrying some moon cakes, light refreshments and a pot of wine.

Rachel squatted down on the ground and pulled up the new grass around the tomb. When she saw Fannie weeping in front of the tomb, her heart ached. She quickly looked away, holding back her tears.

Every Mid-Autumn day, Rachel and her mother would visit her father's tomb so that they would have a proper family reunion.

"Simpson, I've come to see you. You've been sleeping here for so many years. Do you know how much I miss you?" said Fannie, sobbing as she looked at the black and white picture on the tomb. The man in the picture was young and handsome. Seeing it brought Fannie back to her first acquaintance with her husband. It seemed to her as if everything had happened just yesterday.

''Recently, I often think of our past, when we first met, when Rachel was born, and when we worked hard together to make life better. At that time, life was hard, but you, me, and our daughter, we were all together. We were so happy then!

Simpson, how are you getting along in the other world?

Do bless our Rachel. Keep her safe and sound. My only desire is to see her have a baby. After my wish comes true, I'll happily come and g

as right. But to my surprise, Matte had another name, Simpson. He was Rachel's father."

Gavin closed his eyes. Although aged by grief, he still looked as majestic as he had always been.

Hiram saw his father being lost in his painful past and sighed.

"Dad, don't be sad. My aunt is already gone. We should cherish those who are still with us.

Rachel is my wife and your daughter-in-law. Whatever her father did, it had nothing to do with her. She is innocent. I hope that she won't be involved in this dispute.

Dad, I beg you not to vent out your anger on her. And I intend to hide every detail about this matter from her. I don't want to see her live in regret because of her dead father's fault."

"Hiram, I can't keep silent in front of Rachel, " said Gavin gravely, shaking his head and turning to his son. "You know how much I loved your aunt. I could never let this matter go easily.

Since we've gotten such an important clue, the investigation should be continued. I will stay here until everything is clear."

Seeing his father's decisive attitude, Hiram frowned. After a moment of silence, he said to his father in a low voice, "In the end, if it's confirmed that Rachel's father was the cause of my aunt's death, what are you going to do?"

"I can't accept the daughter of the man who killed my sister as my daughter-in-law. Hiram, you are my son. I've always respected your feelings and decisions.

I hope you can show the same kind of understanding and sympathy for me. If that turns out to be the truth, I hope you divorce Rachel, " replied Gavin, trembling slightly. It seemed that it was hard for him to say those words to his son.

"No, I could never divorce her. I love her. How can you ask me to divorce my beloved wife? She has done nothing wrong, "

Exclaimed Hiram immediately.

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