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   Chapter 202 He Deserves It

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"Rachel, are you home?" Hiram asked, answering the phone immediately after it rang.

"Where are you? I'm coming to you." Rachel said, getting into the car directly after Carl had driven it over to her.

However, Hiram paused, and then said with a laugh, "Are you sure? I'm with my clients at the sauna. If you want to come, I will wait for you in the private room."

Rachel hesitated for a few seconds, and then decided to bring up the matter to Hiram on the phone.

"Hiram, did you lay your hands on Wayne's company?"

Hiram, who had never expected that Rachel would call him because of that man, went silent for a while before replying, "Since he has the nerve to compete with me for my woman, he must pay the price for it. What, did he come to you? Before, although I disliked him, I at least thought that he was a tough guy. But now, it turns out that he's a coward as well."

"In any case, he didn't mean what he had said. He didn't even contact me afterward, but you destroyed his company. You've gone too far!"

Rachel shouted.

"Rachel, are you fighting with me because of him? Aren't you afraid of that I would vent out my anger on him and crush him altogether?" Hiram said with a sneer.

"You..." Rachel shouted, speechless.

"If you want to talk, we can talk. I want to have a bath with you right now. Come to me, I'll send you my location. I'll only talk to you when we meet, " Hiram said, then he hung up the phone and sent his location to her.

Once Rachel received Hiram's location, she asked Carl to drive there.

"Rachel, I don't know what has happened, but I can give you some advice. Although my cousin isn't the kind of person who would yield to persuasion or coercion from other people, he will always listen to the persuasion of his family members. So if you really need something from him, you have to talk to him softly. He will listen, "

Carl said to Rachel as he drove.

"But he's gone too far this time, " Rachel replied angrily. "It's like the big and strong bullying the small and weak. Wayne didn't do anything except expressing his love for me, but Hiram destroyed his company?"

Carl suddenly understood what had happened. He said, "Oh, I see. Then in that case, Hiram didn't do anything wrong. That man overestimated himself. If he loves you, he should have hidden that love in his hea

ue that Wayne shouldn't have said something like that. But you've gone too far.

After all, Wayne knew me long before you did. It isn't his fault that he is still obsessed with me. Since you have destroyed his company like this, how can I ever face him or myself again?"

Hiram slowly looked at her and said, "You're wrong. I knew you first. The letter of love is the evidence."

Rachel paused for a while and said, "Fine, just call your men and tell them to leave Wayne alone."

Hiram raised his glass and clinked it against hers. "It's late now. I'll call them tomorrow."

"Hiram!" Rachel shouted in protest.

"Don't worry. Since I told you I would do it, I'll keep my word. Let's forget about other man. It's so hard for us to take a bath together. So, how about we change the topic?" Hiram asked, trying to move on from the conversation they were having.

"Call them now. I'm afraid that you'll forget to do it tomorrow, " Rachel said. She didn't want Hiram to pull any tricks, so she insisted that he make the call in front of her.

But Hiram narrowed his eyes and said, "Rachel, I don't want to talk about this matter anymore. Since I've given you my word, I won't forget to keep it. But if you mention his name or this matter again, I will call my men and tell them to burn his factory to the ground right now. You can try it if you dare."

Rachel shut her mouth immediately.

Seeing that Rachel was finally keeping quiet about this matter, Hiram calmed down. He took a sip of the red wine and put one of his arms around her shoulders.

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