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   Chapter 201 Wayne's Trouble

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She had almost reached the door when Hiram called out. She turned and looked at him.

"What's up?" she asked.

Hiram couldn't help laughing. Beckoning her closer, he said, "I heard that the most excellent part of the proposal was prepared by you."

"Not exactly. A few other colleagues also helped, and Daniel revised it after we submitted it to him. Otherwise, it's impossible for a newcomer like me to work out such an amazing proposal, " Rachel answered honestly.

"Anyway, you played a critical role. I remember how you had advised us about the construction of B section when we were in Cliff Mountain. I've told the engineer to keep your advice in the plan." With that, Hiram pulled Rachel onto his lap.

"We're in the meeting room, " Rachel protested, frowning at him and wondering why he had become so flirtatious recently. He'd never been intimate with her inside the office building before, except in his suite.

Hiram smiled. He pinched her face and said, "It's time for lunch, everyone else has gone to the canteen. Besides, you're my wife, why should we be so cautious in our own company?"

"Huh? It's already lunch time? Shall we go for lunch?" Rachel asked as she stood up, trying to pull him up.

Since the auction, she'd avoided going to the staff canteen. Instead, she had Hiram's personal chef cook for her.

She was not worried about her team spreading rumors about her, because she had been acquainted with them for a long time. But when it came to facing the rest of the company staff, it would be a different matter. She didn't want to go to the canteen and hear people talking about her, it would only affect her mood and appetite.

"You little chowhound..." Hiram smiled, then he stood up from his seat and allowed himself to be led out by her.

When they were outside, he turned his gaze to her belly and asked, "Honey, is your period coming soon?"

She tried to recall her period cycle.

"Yes, it will come in two days. Wow. How do you remember it so well?" Rachel looked at him, wondering why a man like him remembered such kind of things so precisely.

"If your period doesn't come in a few days, would that mean that you might be pregnant?" he asked.

Rachel couldn't help laughing. She shook off his hand and teased him, "You're acting like my mom! I remember you saying that you don't want a baby soon. Why did you change your mind suddenly?"

An imperceptible look crossed his eyes for a mo

hat do you mean? Wayne, tell me what happened. I know you have something important to talk to me about."

Wayne took several more gulps of ice water and then slammed the glass on the table. "Mr. Rong cut off the supply of raw materials to my company, so I've had to suspended production several times. By now, I have already paid several penalties for breaching the contract, so I have no money to repay the loans. I... I'm going to go bankrupt soon."

"... What?"

Rachel could hardly believe that Hiram had done such a thing.

But the more she thought about it, the more she realized that it was his style.

"Rachel! I know I made a mistake. Since you're his wife, I shouldn't have done that to you! I couldn't help loving you, but I realize my mistake now. Now... I have nothing left. After losing all the money I've earned in these years, I actually owe a lot of money now!"

With that, Wayne covered his eyes with his hand. He didn't want to cry in front of Rachel.

"Rachel, can you ask Mr. Rong to give me a break? Please! I've realized my mistake. I promise I'll never see you again! I only want my company to go back to normal!"

Wayne pleaded with a lumpy throat.

The situation reminded Rachel of several years ago, when his company had almost gone bankrupt.

In fact, it was quite similar, Because both times, all the troubles had been caused by her.

"Okay. Don't worry. I'll talk to him tonight, and I'll ask him not to trouble you anymore." With that, Rachel stood up. She took out some money from her wallet and paid the bill.

When she reached the door of the restaurant, she called Hiram.

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