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   Chapter 200 You’re Not Honest With Me At All

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It was the middle of the night.

Rachel had waited for Hiram in her bedroom after supper, but he hadn't shown up. Feeling her head get heavier and heavier, she had slowly slipped into a slumber.

She was in a deep sleep when she suddenly woke up to find Hiram on top of her. Bleary-eyed, she murmured, "You're back? Stop disturbing me. I want to go back to my dream. Hold on, please! You..."

Instead of stopping, Hiram kept covering her whole body with kisses as if she hadn't said a word, and soon, she was lost in his furious love-making.

The first thing Rachel did the next morning when she woke up was grab Hiram's shoulders and shake him back and forth.

"Wake up! Tell me where you went last night!" she asked. She couldn't wait any longer for the answer.

Last night, she'd been terrified by how aggressive he had been, and she wanted to find out why he had acted that way. Although it was normal for Hiram to not let her go until he was completely exhausted, he had always been tender to her in bed. But last night, he had aggressively done it again and again, as if each time would be their last.

Hiram lifted his heavy eyelids and glanced at her before shutting his eyes again. He pulled Rachel on top of him and said, "It's still early. Go back to sleep!"

"Not until you tell me what exactly happened! Let me guess, did the shareholders say that we failed their expectations?" Rachel speculated. Women were sensitive to everything, especially their husbands' abnormalities.

Rachel had made up her mind that she wouldn't give up until Hiram told her the truth.

Rachel kept asking, which made Hiram couldn't sleep, and he gave in, begging, "honey, give me a few minutes. I'm not able to open my eyes now. I'll tell you everything when I have had enough sleep."

Seeing Hiram close his eyes again, Rachel climbed on top of him and disheveled his hair. "No, stay awake! Who made me wake up from my deep sleep last night? Now you know what I went through then! Stay awake! Don't you dare fall asleep!"

Hiram was at a loss. Holding Rachel in his arms, he smiled with his eyes closed and said, "What did you go through last night? I thought you were asking for sex! Take a look at my back. Who left all those scratches?"

"Hmph, don't change the topic! From now on, I want to know everything in your life except the things about your work. And you must be honest with me, understand?" Rachel asked as she lay her head on his chest.

Hiram finally opened his bleary eyes and looked at Rachel. "Can we ignore the white lies? I promise I will never lie to you on purpose!"

Rachel raised her head to look at him and cons

by blood, what would you do to her?

You'd better do the same thing that you did to me.

Push her away as far as you can heartlessly!'


In the meeting room on the floor of the president's office...

Daniel was standing in front of the projector and giving an overview of their design plans and the construction plans of Section A. Rachel's colleagues were sitting nervously as this was the first time they had come upstairs to meet the president in person.

And no wonder they were nervous. Hiram, who they had never talked and met with since they came to this company, was sitting right opposite them.

After finishing his introduction, Daniel turned to look at Hiram for his opinion.

"The opening's great and creative, but I have one question. How does it complement the construction in Section B?" asked Hiram, taking his eyes off the screen. Altogether, three sections were planned in the Cliff Mountain project. Each section was supposed to have its own theme, but when viewed as a big picture, all three sections were supposed to resemble a single unit.

"Mr. Rong has gotten the point. We have included just the idea of unification in the current plan. Later, when we're planning Section B, we'll pay more attention to it. And of course, its construction plan will be different from what we've displayed here. It will be a brand new concept, " said Daniel confidently.

He felt relieved that all their efforts in the past few weeks had been acknowledged by Hiram.

"All right, then. Let's break up the meeting, " Hiram said, looking around at everyone.

Rachel's colleagues left the meeting room one by one. Rachel herself was the last to the door, but just as she was leaving she heard Hiram cough.

"Hold on a moment!" he said.

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