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   Chapter 198 The Pricy Crown

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All the women here were waiting eagerly for the third round, the jewelry.

When the last item of jewelry was brought out and displayed in the middle of the hall, nearly all the women here in the hall cried out. It was a crown.

And not just any crown; it was a crown covered with thousands of small but pure diamonds and with a remarkable blue diamond in the shape of a teardrop set right in the middle. The blue diamond sparkled more brightly than the stars in the night sky, blinding everyone in the hall for a moment.

Of course, its starting price itself was extraordinary, a whooping 80 million!

Hiram turned his head to Chad, and Chad nodded.

"100 million!" Chad raised the paddle in his hand.

All the big shots in the auction hall were exclaiming among themselves about the price Hiram was offering. Was there anyone else who could afford such a price?

They didn't even bother to raise their paddles, and it seemed like the crown would definitely go to Hiram.

"110 million!" shouted the auctioneer excitedly when he saw another paddle raised in the air.

Shocked, people turned their eyes to the new paddle and found that it belonged to none other than Patrick. People began to wonder just how well the Yan Family was doing now that they even dared to challenge the Rong Family. They might have underestimated them before.

Chad raised his paddle again.

"120 million!'

"130 million!"

The auctioneer shouted out one price after another. Rachel shook her head and leaned over to Hiram. "Stop it now! I don't want it at all. Stop bidding."

Hiram didn't reply but turned to Chad, giving him another sign.

"150 million!" the auctioneer screamed out.

"Mr. Rong! I know you have countless priceless treasures at home. Please do me a favor and leave this crown to me! You know I seldom put my eyes on such things!" shouted Patrick, seeing Chad continue to raise the paddle for Hiram, who didn't seem like he would give up.

"Mr. Yan, this is a charity auction, and I believe the higher, the better, right? If you want to catch up with me, let's have dinner together later! But for now, please let our money talk!" Hiram replied suavely before shifting his eyes back to the auctioneer.

The auctioneer got his meaning at once, and exclaimed, "150 million, going once! 150 million, going twice! 150 million..."

"180 million!" Patrick shouted, interrupting the auctioneer.

"200 million, " Hiram spoke out powerfully, and the auctioneer started calling again.

Patrick was about to raise his paddle again

to check the news on her phone this morning.

Right at this moment, Penny came in. Seeing Daniel standing in front of Rachel's table, she greeted, "Morning, Mr. Zhuo!"

Then she came to Rachel and said, "Rachel, I saw our president's mystery wife this morning on my phone. It's weird, she looks just like you!"

Daniel let out a cough at Penny's words and walked to his office, shaking his head the whole way.

"Are you stupid, Penny? Please read the news carefully! It mentioned that her family name is Ruan and that she's working in our company. Doesn't that mean anything to you?" Another colleague called Millay came over and dragged Penny away, looking at Rachel as she whispered to her.

Still feeling puzzled, Penny said, "Of course I know, Millay. But I don't think it has anything to do with Rachel."

"Oh, my God! Are you blind? It's Rachel herself! Don't say you couldn't recognize her just because she was wearing make up, a long gown and high heels!" Millay said, unable to control herself any longer and rolling her eyes.

Dumbstruck, Penny stood rooted to the spot for a while before hurrying to take out her phone to find a picture of the president's wife. She shifted her eyes from her phone to Rachel. They looked exactly the same.

Seeing Penny and Millay retreating from her, Rachel stood up and smiled warmly at them.

"Yes, I'm the mystery wife that you're talking about. Sorry for keeping it from you these past few weeks. I didn't mean to. I was just afraid that you would treat me differently. Sorry!"

"What!" Penny screamed, jumping with excitement as she gazed at Rachel as if she was a rare treasure. "You're our president's wife? Oh, my goodness!"

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