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   Chapter 197 Take Everything From Him, Including You

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Rachel turned to the reporter and smiled. "You may be right about something. People might have already heard that Hiram and I were engaged before we were even born. Both our families were fully aware that we would get married someday, so my family didn't marry me into Hiram's just for their wealth.

As for the kidnapping incident... I would rather not use the word 'forgive, ' for Hiram did nothing wrong in my eyes. Marriage brought us together, and the two of us became one. From then on, we faced and will face everything together, good or bad. Marriage isn't a game, and we won't give up what we have because of a small setback like this, " she said, casually speaking what came into her mind, sounding neither humble or pushy. Thanks to the reporters throwing one question after another at her, she had forgotten how nervous she was.

Confronting such sharp questions, Rachel hardly had time to be nervous.

"Time's up for questions! The auction will start soon! Everyone should go into the hall now, this way please! Follow me!" shouted the man in black uniform. He gestured the security to escort Hiram and Rachel inside.

Hiram beamed and gazed at Rachel tenderly, and said in a voice that only she could hear, "Thank you, darling! Thank you for saying all that. I'm so proud to have a wife like you! You deserve all my love!"

It sounded like Hiram was making a vow. Most women in the world would be moved into tears after hearing his words.

However, Rachel wasn't one of them.

She took a deep breath as they walked away from the reporters, and noticed something wrong with the high heels she was wearing. "Don't talk to me about love now! The strap on my left shoe has come off! Please buckle it up for me!"

She was feeling so nervous after all the questions that she had walked too fast. Thank God her long dress was covering her high heels, otherwise she would have lost face in front of all these people.

Hiram took a closer look at her white high heels and saw that the strap had loosened. He waved to the security to wait a moment.

Then, he squatted down with a smile on his face to buckle the strap for Rachel.

This sudden movement caused the reporters, who were currently making their way to the auction hall, to stop in their tracks and quieten down. They hurriedly picked up their cameras and continuously snapped at the scene in front of them even as security tried to stop them.

Watching Hiram kneeling on one knee in front of her, Rachel felt a mixture of feelings surging up inside her. She knew Hiram was proud and unruly, but now he was kneeling in front of her, ignoring the people around them. She couldn't help but smile contently.

Hiram had once refused to kneel down to propose to her, causing a rift between them, but now, Rachel could erase that problem from her mind forever.

Hiram stood up after buckling her strap up, then he led Rachel to their table in the auction hall with his hand on her waist.

Finally having a little more privacy from the reporters, Rachel took a deep breath and realized t

king him look even wilder, and said, "Keep this in mind, Rachel. One day, I'll be stronger than Hiram, and I'll take everything he loves from him, including you!"

Rachel retreated to avoid the smoke from his cigar and retorted, "Really? I'm looking forward to seeing what you will look like when your career is in its full stride. But for now, please excuse me!"

After that, she made her way to the other exit of the ladies room.

Hiram, who had been waiting for her outside, approached her and held her hand. Together, they made their way back to their table.

"What did Patrick say to you just now?" asked Hiram in a low voice. When Hiram had noticed that Patrick was no longer in his seat, he had immediately suspected that he might have followed Rachel to the ladies room.

Rachel took a seat, smoothed her dress, and turned to Hiram worriedly. "He said he would take everything from you."

Hiram snorted and tightened his arm around Rachel's waist. He said in a calm voice, "He isn't the first person to say so, and he certainly won't be the last. He really thinks too much of himself!"

After taking the position of president of Streams Comapany, he knew that a lot of people were coveting his status as the wealthiest man in H City, but it wasn't something he bothered himself with. He was confident in his abilities.

Rachel leaned her head on Hiram's shoulder and whispered to him, "Hiram, I really don't care about your family's fortune. Once in a while, I can't help but think that we might be happier if you had nothing in your pocket than we are now."

Hiram lowered his head and kissed her on her forehead. "You must have confidence in me. Whether guarding ancestral properties or pioneering new frontiers, I believe I can do it well. I'm doing my best to protect everything that belongs to our family, and I'll do better than that to protect you as a husband!"

Hiram swore to himself that he would show anyone who coveted his fortune or his woman how he would kick them deep into the earth one after another.

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