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   Chapter 196 Charity Auction

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Rachel looked at the printed statement of repentance with surprise. Even though it had been typed and printed, typing 10, 000 words was still hard work. But when had he had the time to write such a long statement?

She sat up on the bed and checked it word by word, then raised her head to look up at him with doubt. "When did you write this? You didn't seem to have any spare time."

"I wrote it on our way back, when you were sleeping. Don't read it now. Get some rest first, " Hiram said, trying to take the stack of papers from her. It was more than 10, 000 words. By the time she read it thoroughly, it would be daytime.

Rachel shook his hand off, wanting to read more. When she saw the words "my wife" mentioned on it, she felt quite happy. Then, she carefully put the statement of repentance in the drawer where she kept all her important documents.

She would read it more carefully when he wasn't at home.

When she lay back on the bed, Hiram instantly embraced her and sighed. "Darling… can I have the honor of serving you tonight?"

Rachel couldn't reject his offer. She merely covered her red face with a corner of the quilt.


On Sunday night...

Under the shining crystal chandelier, the hall was full of ladies wearing elegant ball gowns, chatting politely with the gentlemen present.

There was a short exchange meeting before the official auction.

"Mr. Yan, I heard that there will be a pair of jade bracelets from the Ming Dynasty being sold today. I want them. Please buy them for me, " a woman in a red dress said sweetly, leaning against Patrick.

"Lucy, how dare you plead for that? Mr. Yan is already doing us a favor by granting us the privilege of being here. Don't you feel embarrassed to ask for something so expensive?" a woman in a blue dress said disdainfully, sitting down next to them.

Patrick, who was sitting between the two women, was smoking. Although he was accompanied by such beautiful women, he turned a deaf ear to what they were saying.

At that moment, the reporters in the hall suddenly turned to the door, holding up their microphones. The cameramen also pointed their cameras at the door.

"Who is coming? Why are all the reporters gathering around the door?"

The woman in the red

ment. When he opened his mouth to reply, he was stopped by the uniformed man.

"You've asked two questions."

"Mrs. Rong, I heard that you made a dangerous escape after being held for two days. I also heard that the kidnappers sold you to a bachelor in the mountain. Is that true?"

Another harsh question.

It came from the next reporter who stood up for his turn.

Hiram furrowed his brows and tightened his hand into a fist under the table. Seeing that, Rachel gently put her hand on his.

"Yes, but the bachelor turned out to be a fool. The very night I was sold to him, I was rescued by someone sent there by my husband."

"Oh? So you're saying you didn't get raped?" the reporter prodded, asking for a clear answer.

Rachel grinned. "Of course I didn't. I told you that he's a fool. If he weren't so stupid, he would have already had a wife."

Under her calm exterior, Rachel was bristling. She now understood why some celebrities beat up reporters instead of tolerating them. It seemed that sometimes, these reporters really needed to be taught a lesson. The experiences that victims went through were bad enough, but they still had to face reporters asking such shameless questions.

"It seems that Mrs. Rong is indeed very generous. You can actually forgive your husband even though he nearly got you killed. Is it because the Rong family is wealthy, and you don't want to give up being Mrs. Rong?"

This was asked by another reporter, who was even braver than the former one.

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