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   Chapter 195 Making A Guest Appearance

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When Rachel heard that, she was excited to try, but she was a little worried. "I don't have any acting experience at all. Would this be too difficult for me?" she asked.

"You don't have to worry about all that. I'm here to guide you through it. I can promise you that within 10 minutes, you'll be much more confident in yourself, " he replied. Then, waving to his make up artist, he said, "Come here and put some make up on her."

Rachel could feel her heart racing. She sat in front of the mirror looking at the make up artist's sponge brushing back and forth on her face. A little while later, there was a totally different person staring back at her in the mirror.

"Yes, very good. It's much better than I thought. Your lines are simple, I believe you can do it. For example, check this line. It's a dialogue between us, we can..." Clare began explaining, walking up to her. He looked at Rachel in the mirror. She was the kind of girl who would become a totally different person when wearing make up. When she wasn't wearing make up, she looked beautiful and lovely, but when she was, she looked drop dead gorgeous. At the same time, her eyes were pure as ever.

Of course, how could Hiram fall in love with an ordinary woman?

"So a rich young lady who has been admiring you for a very long time confesses her feelings for you at a dinner party, but you turn her down rudely?" Rachel asked, reading her lines.

"Yes, exactly. It's just acting, no big deal. You can treat it as a new experience, " Clare said, then he turned to the other workers on set. "Take her to change her clothes."

A while later, Hiram walked in after handling all his work through the phone. When he saw Clare, he asked, "Clare, where's my wife?"

"Oh, she's changing her clothes right now. We need a guest performer for a role, so I asked her to try. By the way, do you also want to make a guest appearance in the film? Oh well, better not. I'm afraid you'll steal my thunder, " Clare added hastily. He knew that no matter where Hiram was, he could easily steal other people's thunder.

"Guest performer?" Hearing what Rachel was going to do, Hiram's brow furrowed. 'How dare she agree to this without getting my permission first?' he thought.

"I know, Hiram, your wife is like a treasure for you. But it's just a guest role. It will be a new experience for her. Don't be so serious about it, " Clare explained quickly, feeling that Hiram was unhappy with the situation.

There were so many people longing for such an opportunity, especially for being able to be on the same screen with such a famous super star like him. Only someone like Hiram would give up such an opportunity and let the music video be unreleased forever.

"I'm finished. Look at me. What do you think? Do I look like a rich young lady?"

Rachel asked, beaming as sh


Rachel felt thankful to Hiram. She'd acted in a film for the first time, which was an exciting experience, and she'd also had her wedding photos taken. She was very satisfied with the whole day.

When it was time for them to head back, Rachel was exhausted. However, the smile on her face stayed throughout the drive back as she looked at the photos they had taken.

When they arrived home, it was about 10 o'clock at night. It wasn't too late for them.

"I've sent them the photos. As soon as they finish the editing, they will send them back to us. I gave them our address, " Hiram told her. After Hiram finished his shower, he stepped out of the bathroom and started to dry his hair. He turned to Rachel, who was lying on the bed and still looking at the photos on her phone.

"Let's go to bed. It's kind of late now, " he said, walking to the bed after drying his hair.

Rachel put away her cell phone and asked, "If it's time to go to bed, why won't you go back to your own room?"

Hiram was stunned at her words. "What do you mean by that?" he asked.

"I mean, since it's time for bed, please hurry back to your own room. I'm also sleepy now, " Rachel said casually.

Last night, she had given him what he wanted in exchange for their visit to the film and television base today. It was a clean slate tonight.

Before he finished writing the 10, 000 words she'd asked for, he wasn't allowed to share her bed. That was the one thing she couldn't compromise on.

Hiram looked at her with eyes that said, "Rachel, I'm going to kill you, " before walking out of the room.

Rachel yawned and went to bed. A little while later, Hiram came in with a stack of printed A4 sheets in his hands. He threw the whole stack on the night table.

"I'm done. Here you are. There are 2, 000 words more than you asked for. You can treat it as an extra gift from me, " he said.

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