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   Chapter 194 You Are Not His Type

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"Or, perhaps we should go over there?" Rachel said. Although it was all over, it was an unhappy memory for Hiram, so Rachel wanted him to avoid her as much as possible.

Hiram gently grabbed Rachel's arm when she was going to leave, and then said to her with a smile, "Not necessary. It's just a memory from long ago. There is nothing for me to avoid." Then, he held Rachel's hand and walked with her towards the scenic spot with peach trees behind the film crew.

The peach trees were fake, but they were life-like.

More importantly, they looked really beautiful on camera.

Rachel was posing in front of them while Hiram took photos of her, patiently pressing the button over and over again.

While she was enjoying being photographed, a strangely dressed woman appeared. This woman, who was wearing Manchu horse-hoof shoes and Manchu headdress, came over and stood under one of the trees.

She stared at Hiram, who was focusing all his attention on the cellphone camera.

"Have you finished? Let me look at them, " Rachel said, running towards Hiram. When she saw herself in the photos, she smiled cheerfully. Who said men didn't take good photos? Hiram was very good at choosing the perfect angle so that Rachel looked beautiful in every picture he took.

"Not bad. Hiram, I didn't expect you to be such a good photographer, " she praised. However, when she raised her head, she found Hiram gazing at the woman under the peach tree near them.

That woman was Meggie Bai. Holding a handkerchief in one of her hands, she slowly walked towards Hiram.

"Hiram, " Meggie Bai greeted. Just his name stirred up all the emotions she had buried inside of her, And reminded her of the wild and crazy love she had had for Hiram when they were young.

"It's been a long time, Meggie, " Hiram said calmly, giving Rachel's phone back to her.

Rachel looked at the both of them, and then stepped aside to give them some space so that they could catch up. She had heard about the story between them. Although Hiram didn't return her feelings, they would certainly have things to talk about after all these years.

It was funny. If Rachel hadn't insisted on coming to visit the base, Meggie wouldn't have the chance to see Hiram, and they wouldn't be in the exact situation Rachel had wanted to avoid in the first place.

It seemed that their fate had been decided by God.

"Here you are. I'm done with my scenes, " Clare said to Rachel as he approached her. After finishing his shoot and changing his clothes, he had walked to the garden and spotted Rachel standing in the peach f

and found that she was indeed a little far from the perfect woman Meggie had described. Then, she poked Hiram and said, "Tell me, how did you fall in love with me?"

Hiram raised his eyebrows and said to her with a smile, "Destiny bound us together. Besides, you are the wife that my great-grandfather chose for me, and I'm more or less satisfied with you."

"More or less? So you aren't completely satisfied with me?"

Rachel asked, glaring at Hiram.

"Yes, there are still areas you can please me more in. You can start with, have a baby with me, " Hiram said, lowering his voice and grabbing Rachel's hands under the table when he said the second sentence.

The conversation between Hiram and Rachel impressed Meggie. She'd once even considered the possibility that Hiram had no interest in women, since she wasn't the only woman he treated coldly. Hiram refused every woman who was interested in him.

But now, it turned out that she simply hadn't been the right woman to unlock his heart.

Rachel pulled her hands away and began to eat again. She wondered what had happened to Hiram. Before, he hadn't been so eager to have a baby. Why had Hiram and Fannie been expecting her to get pregnant recently?

After the dinner, Clare showed Rachel around the filming base where they worked. He wasn't in a rush as he had only one scene to film that afternoon.

"I have a great opportunity for you. Do you want to make a guest appearance in the film? There happens to be a vacant role that I can decide. This role has only one scene. Do you want to try it?"

Clare asked. Staring at Rachel's face, which had no make up on it, he thought to himself that if Rachel wore make up, she would look beautiful on camera.

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