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   Chapter 193 The Female Protagonist Of Hiram’s MV

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"Don't worry. I'll be with you. But listen, this is just the beginning. I believe there will be all kinds of occasions like that waiting for us in future."

Hiram was tapping his keyboard while he spoke, and his long fingers looked like they were dancing to Rachel.

"All you need to do is relax and enjoy. Just be yourself whatever the occasion is. Remember, we're number one in the industry, and the people you meet are all normal, just a bit well-off or with a reputation. They're way behind us, and you don't have to look up to see them, it will be vice versa."

Hiram looked at Rachel and found her with her eyes closed, but apparently she had been listening to him, because she nodded.

When their car arrived at the base, it was a few minutes past eleven, which wasn't late for people working there.

Rachel felt fresh, since she'd slept the whole way there.

She got off the car first and watched everything curiously.

A little ahead, they were shooting a scene with rain. The actors were gazing into each other's eyes in the middle of a street, and the next second, they held each other and kissed deeply in the rain.

Visitors weren't allowed to come here, and there was nobody on set except the crew.

Hiram was an exception, of course.

"Mr. Rong! What makes you come all the way here? A call will do in case you need something here!" said the manager of the base, panting for breath.

He was in his forties. He had been drinking tea in his office when someone told him that the boss was coming, and he had jumped on his feet and run out to welcome Hiram, leaving everything behind.

"Continue with your work. I'll take a look around, " said Hiram as he watched Rachel scurry away to see the actors up close.

"Okay, please tell me if you need anything. Oh, and there are three crews shooting here now. One show is about the Republican period, another is a costume drama, and the last one is a modern show. Please look around as you like, " he said, briefing Hiram on what was going on at the base.

"Thank you, " Hiram said to him, and then strode forward to catch up with Rachel.

Rachel had too many things to look at, but suddenly, she saw Clare, the leading actor in the latest series she was watching, on the set. She couldn't believe that she was seeing him in person.

Wow, he was handsome, whether in person in a modern suit, or on TV in a traditional costume.

"Hey, listen, if you're going to ogle at another man without even blinking your eyes, I'll take you home right away!" Hiram said unpleas

I almost forget. Meggie's here too, over there, and she's shooting a costume drama. I've to get to another set right now, but wait for me, we can have dinner together!" said Clare.

Seeing his assistant approaching him, he waved to them and walked away hurriedly.

Rachel noticed a strange expression crossing Hiram's face when he heard the name Meggie. It seemed he was averse to this Meggie character.

"What's wrong, Hiram? Who's Meggie?" asked Rachel curiously. It sounded familiar to her, but she couldn't remember where she had heard it at this moment.

Hiram held Rachel's hand and led her to the small garden right by the set. "Do you remember the music video I acted in? Meggie was playing the protagonist. It was a long time ago, and I believe she's over it now."

"What?" shouted Rachel in astonishment, remembering the story Luke had told her. The protagonist was the one who had desperately thrown herself at Hiram.

Her name was Meggie. Was she still active in the entertainment industry now?

Absolutely! As Rachel thought it over, she realized she'd seen nothing but Hiram when watching the music video. She hadn't even realized that the song was sung by Clare at first, and it was one of his best sellers in his early years.

Rachel looked around the garden as they walked. A scene nearby caught her attention. Dozens of people in ancient costumes were gathering around a woman in an imperial costume, and the cameramen were busy shooting.

'Wait, why does the woman in the imperial costume look familiar? Is that Meggie?' Rachel wondered.

Rachel glanced at Hiram, and it seemed he'd also noticed the scene. Rachel saw his bright eyes dim as he stopped walking.

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