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   Chapter 192 Hiram Got What He Wanted Again

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It was already 11 p.m. when Rachel got back to her bedroom. Fortunately, it was Saturday tomorrow, which meant that she could wake up late the next morning since she didn't have to go to work.

Hiram went to the gym upstairs to exercise as usual. About 30 minutes later, he came down and saw the light in Rachel's room was still on.

"Rachel, are you sleeping?" asked Hiram, knocking on the door.

As Rachel was hesitating whether to answer him, he knocked again. "No, what do you want? I won't open the door for you. You're not allowed to sleep on my bed before you hand in the repentance letter, " replied Rachel finally.

She wasn't sleepy yet. Right now, she was lying on her bed, eating snacks and watching a TV series on her iPad. She rarely had time to herself, so she planned to relax. Tomorrow, she'd have to prepare for the auction on Sunday.

"I just want to come in to take a look at you. Open the door."

"No way. This is one of your usual tricks. Don't try to fool me. I know that once I open the door and let you in, you won't leave easily. If you really have something to say to me, just say it at the door. I can hear you, "

Called Rachel to the door, refusing to be persuaded.

Hiram stood with folded arms outside the door, trying to think of another way to get in. It seemed that Rachel had learned the wisdom of coping with him and wasn't going to fall for his usual tricks.

"I've never broken my word to you, and I've never used tricks on you, " he finally said.

Slightly irritated, Rachel turned off her iPad screen and walked toward the door, countering, "How dare you say that? You're all talk. As for your evil deeds, do you want me to list them out one by one?"

"Nonsense. Give me one example of an evil deed, " replied Hiram, Sniggering as he pulled a key out of his pocket and inserted it into the keyhole.

"Well, prepare yourself. The first one is when we first met, you recognized me but you acted like you didn't." Rachel was lost in thought recollecting the past that she didn't notice what Hiram was doing. Then you set a trap for me and forced me to compromise. You're a double-faced man, worse than a liar."

"Anything else?"

Asked Hiram, turning the key.

"You're mean and you have no sense of shame. You..."

Rachel, who was fully enjoying making accusations against Hiram, paused suddenly at the sound of the door opening. When she turned to it, the handsome and mischievous face of Hiram came into sight.

"I've put away all the keys. Where did you get that one?" Rachel asked in surprise, noticing the key in the keyhole.

She clearly remembered that she had stored all the keys and locked them in the cabinet in her bedroom.

"It's just a key. If you want, I can give you one more, " replied Hiram casually, walking to the bed with his hands in his pockets.

When he pulled back the quilt, he saw a big pink car

etting out of the car and waiting for Hiram with Rachel.

After a while, Hiram came with a bag. "Come on. It's already late. I don't know if we can get there before lunch."

Rachel stepped in. It was very spacious inside the car, and it had everything they needed. She couldn't help exclaiming how good it was being rich. Hiram had lots of cars, which meant that he could choose whichever one was most convenient for him on any particular day.

After taking his seat, Hiram turned on his notebook computer and began to work. As a big boss in charge of a large range of business, time was precious for him. He had meant to work at the company today, but he had changed his mind for Rachel last night.

"Would there be a lot of people attending the charity auction tomorrow night?" asked Rachel, who was settling comfortably into the bed.

"Yes, well-known business and political figures from H City as well as a few other cities have been invited. And big stars who were born in H City will also be present, " replied Hiram, stopping his work and turning to Rachel. The charity auction which was held every three years was a big event.

Only enterprises and individuals that received the invitation could attend.

It wasn't only an auction for the purpose of charity, but it was also an opportunity for companies to build their images and establish interpersonal relationships.

"Oh, my god!" exclaimed Rachel, beginning to worry about the coming event.

She had never been to such an occasion before. Once she appeared with Hiram in public, her identity as Hiram's wife would become common knowledge. After that, her every word and action would reflect on Hiram and Streams Company, so she would have to behave properly and be careful in public.

The more she thought about it, the more stressed she became. Thinking she had been too hasty in accepting Joanna's invitation, she wanted to give herself a slap.

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