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   Chapter 191 The Wife Of Streams Company’s President

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Rachel was suddenly pushed by someone and fell on the ground.

Oh, it hurt so much!

All the directors inside, who were toasting, talking and laughing, suddenly turned their attention to her.

Rachel bore the pain and stood up from the ground. She noticed that the back of her elbow was wounded. Although there was a thin carpet on the ground, her fall had been nasty, so a part of her skin was rubbed off.

"Hey, aren't you Hiram's lover?" Violet shouted out with surprise, recognizing her.

At that moment, Hiram, who had had his eyes closed after drinking too much, Immediately stood up and rushed to her.

He glared at the man who had accidentally pushed her down. "Let me check your wound. Does it hurt?

We need to take care of it soon." He examined her wound with a trace of sorrow in his eyes. Then, he whispered in her ear, "Since you're here, propose a toast now, then we can leave."

After all, so many directors were present here. She had to follow the etiquette.

Rachel peeked at the people sitting on the sofa and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She walked towards them with a gentle smile on her face.

"Good evening, directors and managers. I'm really sorry for interrupting you! I was just passing by after having dinner with my colleagues, but that director accidentally knocked me into the room. I think he has had too much to drink and probably didn't see me, " she said lightly. "Sorry again for disturbing you all."

She smiled again, picked up a clean wine glass and poured some wine inside. "I'm Rachel Ruan. This is to show my sincere apology."

"Rachel Ruan? Are you that mysterious Mrs. Rong?" a director asked in astonishment after listening to her self introduction.

He was familiar with her name, but he had never expected that the woman in front of him would turn out to be the famous woman.

"Am I different from how you imagined?" Rachel asked teasingly and laughed.

"No, I didn't expect Mrs. Rong to be such a smart and beautiful woman. Hiram, if it weren't for this accident, we still wouldn't have gotten to see your beautiful wife!"

He pretended to blame Hiram with a smile.

Hiram held Rachel's waist and said calmly, "Yes, it is my fault. I'll propose a toast with Rachel!"

Rachel looked at him, and they both picked up their wine glasses a

htened up. She had to draw the line right now. If he hadn't completed the statement, she wouldn't reconcile with him.

"Um, 10, 000 words would take more than a dozen sheets of paper... You know that Hiram is so busy at work… How could he spare so much time to write that? How about writing five thousand words?"

Chad asked tentatively. Last time, his girlfriend had asked him to write a thousand words, and he had scratched his head a dozen times and thought over it for a few days before writing them down.

"Chad, you don't have to plead on my behalf. Since I've made a promise, I will keep it." Hiram turned back to her and grabbed her hand. "Give me some time. I'm going to be busy the next two days."

"Well, no problem. After you write it down, I will let you enter my room at night, " Rachel said with a smile.

The car pulled into the villa, And Rachel got off.

"Mom..." Rachel walked towards Fannie and helped her walk to her room. "Mom, don't wait for me next time. Go to sleep!"

"I have a lot of spare time every day, and I don't feel tired. I can only fall asleep after seeing you come back, " Fannie said with a smile. Then she turned to look at Hiram, who was walking towards the door. "Hiram, you must be tired after a day's work. Good night."

"Okay, Mom, good night." Hiram peeked at Rachel, who was accompanying Fannie to her bedroom, and wondered about how to get her forgiveness.

Although he hadn't written that statement, he still wanted to share a bed with her. But what should he do? He had to think about it.

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