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   Chapter 190 Time Without Hiram Being Around

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Rachel clenched her teeth and looked away. "It has nothing to do with those things. What you did was wrong, and you have to admit it."

Hiram looked at her eyes that were brimming with irritation, then he sighed and took a step forward to pull her into his arms.

It was said that a man should never try to reason with a woman, and it was right indeed.

"It's my bad. Tell me what I should do to make you forgive me."

"Write a statement of repentance with at least 10, 000 words. And promise that you won't make such mistakes again. Or at least let me know in advance when you have to do that again." Locked in Hiram's tight grip, Rachel was out of breath and struggled to get the words out.

This was where she drew the line. She couldn't let Hiram do whatever he wanted even if they were married.

Hiram's eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes darkened.

"Fine, I'll write it."

When it was time to get off work, Rachel stretched her arms to relax herself. She was expecting a few days without Hiram being around her, since the statement of repentance wasn't so easy to finish.

Hiram's work schedule was tight, so he could only write it after work hours. In that way, she could have a break from Hiram's harassment.

"Hey, Celine, what's your plan for tonight? How about hanging out with me outside? Oh, you're going to work overtime?" Rachel was upset. It was rare for her to get enough free time to even make such a call, but now Celine was too busy to hang out.

The minute Rachel hung up the phone, Penny slid towards Rachel in her chair and said, "Rachel, what do you think about getting Mr. Zhuo to have dinner with our team in the evening? We haven't had dinner together even though it's been a long time since we all joined this company!"

Rachel glanced at Daniel, who was still working in his office, and said, "Mr. Zhuo is working overtime these days. He's not likely to have time to come along with us."

"Rachel, you can't know it until you ask him yourself. We know that you and Mr. Zhuo are friends. If you ask him out for dinner in person, I'm sure he'll say yes, " suggested Millay, who had been listening to their conversation.

"I'm with Millay. Please give it a try. Mr. Zhuo is always strict with us. We can take this opportunity to get closer to him. Rachel, just do us a favor, okay?" Penny crossed her fingers, a gesture to beg Rachel.

Rachel and Mr. Zhuo were friends, so he rarely scolded her. But the rookies here didn't have it so good. They were often criticized by Mr. Zhuo. Although he was very handsome and cute, they didn't dare to try to get close to him.

Feeling like she had been givien a mission, Rachel took a deep breath and ope

woman in the business circle.

Carl had said that Hiram had a dinner at night, so he had probably come here after dinner.

"Hiram, it's so rare for you to come out for fun. Come on, bottoms up!" A man who looked about forty or fifty years old raised a glass of wine and toasted to Hiram.

"Hey, Mr. Liu, that's enough. Mr. Rong has already drunk a lot. Don't ask him to drink any more. If you insist, I'll drink for him!" Violet stood up and refused the request on Hiram's behalf with her charm, using her advantage of being a woman.

"Well, well. I see Miss Feng still cares for Mr. Rong. Your affection for him is so obvious even now!" Mr. Liu teased Violet with a smile.

Violet cast a glance at Hiram, who had drunk a lot of wine and was sitting on the sofa with his eyes half-closed, and asked, "Is it? Mr. Liu, you just said what's on my mind. Hiram's such a perfect man with a successful career. It's natural for him to have a few intimate female friends around. Just like you do."

"Miss Feng, you always know us men best! The work pressure is so overwhelming, and I have to please my wife when I return home. I bet it's every man's wish to have a thoughtful beauty around." Mr. Liu said straightforwardly.

"You're right, a man's life isn't easy. I know this better than anyone else. Come on, Mr. Liu, I'd like to propose a toast to you." Violet raised her glass and clinked glasses with Mr. Liu.

Outside the private room, Rachel stood rooted to the spot, her eyes gradually darkening as she watched what was going on inside the room through the fan-shaped glass. Just as she turned around to leave, The man who had come out of the room was heading back into it. He had drunk so much that he didn't notice Rachel standing at the door and directly pushed her into the room!

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