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   Chapter 189 A Statement of Repentance

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Daniel shrugged and said, "Bingo! What do you want me to say? My boss called me to ask for a day off for his wife, who happens to work in my department. How can I say no to him?"

"Daniel! How could you two decide what I should do? You'd better give me a call next time!" Rachel said anxiously and pushed him on his shoulder. This was ridiculous, and she really hated people making decisions for her without letting her know.

Daniel squinted at Rachel innocently and complained, "What? I don't think I have decided anything."

"Fine, forget it. There's something that you can decide. Please move my desk down here. I'll work here from now on, " Rachel said, looking at the empty place they'd left for her.

"No problem, I'll get people to do it, but you should be telling Hiram this, not me, " Daniel said to Rachel, sitting on his chair and crossing his legs.

Rachel looked at him crossly and said, "Fine, I'm going to tell him right this moment."

After the kidnapping incident, Hiram had moved her desk up to the office next to his, saying that he wanted to see her as much as possible. Back then, Rachel was staying at her apartment, so Hiram didn't get to see her after work. But now, she'd moved back to Tulip Palace, and things were different. It was unnecessary for him to keep her under his watch during work all day.

Rachel went upstairs and stopped at the door of the president's office.

There was no answer when she knocked, so she opened the door herself and found an empty room.

Hiram was probably at a meeting. The directors in the board were gathering frequently these days.

Rachel walked in and decided to wait for him in his office.

She walked to his desk and sat on his brown leather chair. She spun around excitedly.

The chair was very comfortable to sit on, but the responsibilities that came with it must be huge. The one wearing the crown must withstand its weight.

Rachel began to examine the things on his desk, and she could just imagine what Hiram did when he was sitting here. Everything on the desk was placed neatly in order, and there wasn't anything unrelated to work, not even a photo frame. Hiram probably focused his full attention on his work without the slightest deviation.

As time went by, Rachel became bored. She rested her chin on her hand and looked at Hiram's computer screen, which had already been turned on when she came in. A little icon at the bottom that looked like a camera piqued her curiosity, because she didn't remember having it on her computer. She clicked it, wondering what it was for.

But nothing could prepare her for what she saw next.

What the hell?

Why had Hiram installed such a monitoring software on his computer?

But wait, why did the picture look so familiar to her?

It was only then that she recognized her office next door on the screen.

No wonder Hiram always seemed to know the exact time when she left and they kept running into each other. It was all thanks to this software. That was to say, Hiram had been watching her on his computer for several days now, and he knew everything she did there.

Rachel was freaking out at the thou

give in.

"Honey, listen to me. I promise I'm the only one who has watched the videos. No one else knows. Look, until a few days ago, all I could do was have lunch with you and send you home after work. We barely spent two hours together each day, and it wasn't enough for me. I wanted to see you all the time. Besides, I had to make such a decision for the sake of your safety too.

I admit that it was wrong of me to not let you know, but I was afraid that you might feel uneasy if you knew, "

Hiram apologized softly, gazing at her back.

Rachel turned around and walked to him with a defiant stare.

"Hiram, do you think you can solve all our problems with an apology? Or do you think I will keep forgiving you regardless of what you've done to me, and that I would tolerate any offence from you?" she asked.

"It looks like being softhearted is my greatest weakness. You keep crossing the line over and over again because of my soft heart!"

Rachel had installed cameras in her own studio to inspect her employees too, but she had posted signs on the wall informing them about the presence of cameras so that they would be aware of them and behave themselves at work. But what about what Hiram had done?

He didn't know his limits and had invaded her privacy.

"Listen, you're my wife, and you're working inside my office. I know that what I did was wrong and that I deserve a punishment, but don't you think your punishment's a little too harsh?" Hiram looked at Rachel tenderly, not understanding why she was so pissed off at such a small thing.

"Yes, as you said, this is your office, not your home. Please keep our relationship out of work. I'm no one's wife when I'm at work, " Rachel said, raising her chin.

Feeling that she was being ridiculous, Hiram laughed. "Honey, what are you worried about? Are you afraid that I have seen you at your worst? Please don't. I'm your husband. I don't care if you doze off at work or grind your teeth in bed or fart in front of me, understand? I love you because you're Rachel, not because you're perfect. Don't be mad at me, please!"

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