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   Chapter 188 A Billionaire Helper At Mahjong Table

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Hiram hugged Rachel from behind and kissed her on the cheek. Rachel could feel his heart pounding on her back.

"Okay, here you go. Everyone's waiting for you at the dinner table, go and get changed! My mom and Emma want to play mahjong after dinner, but they still need one more player, and I don't know how to play, " Rachel said sweetly.

Hiram frowned at her. Had he heard her wrong? She wanted him to play mahjong with three old ladies?

"Fine, I could, but I want you to do something for me too, " Hiram said, smiling seductively.

He looked at Rachel with bright eyes and whispered in her ear, "I have a plan for tonight..."

"Stop, stop talking! You've never been satisfied, have you?" Rachel asked, interrupting him abruptly.

She couldn't even remember how many times they had made love last night. She had thought they'd take a break tonight at least.

"Fine, but you're asking me to play mahjong with three old ladies. Since I'm the president of Streams Company, and the future master of the Rong family, I'm afraid my reputation will be ruined if people get to know this."

Hiram looked sideways at Rachel and curled his lips.

Rachel stared back at him with her chin raised defiantly. "Wash your hands and have dinner! It's just mahjong. I bet I could manage it myself."

After they finished having dinner, Fannie told all of them that she'd been bored recently, since she couldn't go out to dance at the square with the other elders or walk for a long time outside. Besides, she had run out of things to talk about with Emma and Tracy.

She asked Emma to prepare the mahjong table, and the four of them, Emma, Tracy, Rachel and herself sat around it. After a while of playing the game, she couldn't stand it anymore.

"Rachel, please don't tell people you're my daughter. I reminded you several times to be alert and not put down the pieces other people need on the table. Look at you, you've been making other people win the whole time. You're ticking me off!"

Fannie shook her head again and again. She knew for a fact that Rachel was smart, so she couldn't understand why Rachel was so bad at playing mahjong.

Rachel had initially planned to let them win since losing some money wasn't such a big deal, but now it seemed that money wasn't the only thing she was losing, but also her temper. She felt her temper rising, because she didn't know what was happening in the game except that she had to keep giving her money away.

Soon, another round was over.

Rachel couldn't wait anymore. She ran upstairs for help.

"Hiram, are you there? Come with me please. I think I need you to come and play the next round. Please!" begged Rachel.

Hiram, who was readi

besides the heat on her face.

Hiram leaned back and laughed. Yes, he was enjoying Rachel's initiative, but he had never said that she was holding back in bed.

They had only been married for three months, and they had just begun exploring the secrets of a man and a woman. He didn't think it was the time to look for things to excite them yet.

He was still thinking about how Rachel had misunderstood him when she suddenly leaned in and kissed him violently. She tasted like wine.

Any misgivings Hiram had disappeared immediately, and he began to think that wine was really a good thing. Rachel was more attractive to him than usual.

He was thoroughly enjoying the moment when he suddenly felt something heavy falling down on his shoulders.

"What the hell... Honey?"

Hiram frowned and exhaled, then realized that his wife had fallen asleep in the middle of kissing him. It was like she'd been kicked on the head by the wine she'd drunk.

Had God sent her here just to torture him? He wondered about this as he struggled to fall asleep.

The next morning, Rachel woke up with a heavy headache, and she sat up abruptly when she saw what time it was. Damn Hiram, why hadn't he woken her up?

She'd already asked for a day off the first day she returned. She couldn't take leave on the next day, too.

She quickly got up and got dressed. By the time she rushed into her office, everyone around her was already plunged into work as usual.

Seeing Rachel dash into the office at this time of day, Daniel asked with surprise, "What makes you show up here? I thought you asked for another day off."

Rachel retrieved several files from the cabinet and put them on her desk before turning to Daniel. "Pardon? You mean the man up in the CEO office asked for another day off for me?"

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