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   Chapter 187 It's A Small World

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Awestruck, Rachel realized that the man standing in front of her was her friend Albert, who still looked as pure and innocent as he did back when they had first met.

However, when she noticed Albert standing beside Mandy, she felt an inexplicable sense of discomfort.

A feeling so strong and intense that stirred up an uncomfortable feeling in her.

"Rachel?" Albert exclaimed in astonishment, not having seen her in a long time.

"You know each other?" Mandy looked at both Albert and Rachel, then said awkwardly, "The university I went to is near Albert's university. We met each other at a party."

Rachel took a step forward to look at Mandy and Albert, and said, "Albert, it's been a long time. Well, it's a small world indeed!"

Mandy smiled back awkwardly. She coughed gently, to break the awkward silence, then turned around and walked towards Nico to help him.

Nico, who had just finished his blood test, walked over to Rachel and Fannie.

"Fannie, your injury hasn't fully recovered yet. You shouldn't have taken the trouble to come here. Thank you very much!" Nico said with an honest smile, as the eyes on his tanned face lit up.

Although Fannie's legs hadn't fully recovered yet, she was still in a better physical situation than Nico. She went over to Nico and held his arms to support his body, and then walked him to the seating area in front of them.

Meanwhile, Mandy grabbed Rachel's arm, dragged her to a corner and whispered, "Rachel, I was wrong. I've realized my mistakes. That's why I don't even dare to show up in front of you any more after Mr. Rong warned me.

But, please don't tell Albert about my past, okay?"

Surprised by Mandy's request, Rachel asked, "Mandy, is Albert your boyfriend?"

In truth, Rachel would feel sorry for Albert if Mandy was his girlfriend.

It was such a pity that an innocent man like Albert would end up becoming the boyfriend of the infamous Mandy.

"Not yet. But Rachel, I love him so much. Please don't tell him about my past, okay?" Mandy pleaded, as she looked at Rachel with puppy dog eyes.

Rachel sighed, puzzled at what to do about the matter. However, when she saw the imploring eyes of Mandy, she decided to keep her secret and nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, Rachel! I know I was very immature and childish back then, but I have changed. All I want now is for my father to recover quickly and to find myself a good boyfriend to get married to instead of following the same old path again."

Mandy assured Rachel.

Later, Mandy took Nico to see the specialist.

Meanwhile in a corridor outside the hospital, Rachel walked side by side with Albert.

"Albert, how have you been lately? Is everything all right?"

ous as Rachel.

Hiram, who Albert thought very highly of, finally found the perfect person to share the rest of his life with.

At that moment, Albert felt envious of Hiram.

In truth, Albert was envious of the love they had for each other. The kind of love with which the wife and the husband could face the difficulties of life together.

Fannie had been crying on their way back from the hospital.

"Mom, what's going on?" Rachel asked, giving Fannie a piece of tissue to wipe away her tears.

Fannie wiped her tears and then replied, "Nico has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and the cancer cells have transferred to some of the other organs. I am afraid that he won't live long..."

The news had come to Rachel as a shock. She sighed helplessly, and hugged her mother, "Mom don't think about it too much! We all have to face death someday. The most important thing for us is to cherish the present."

"Death is no longer a big deal to me. I like to think of death as my chance to reunite with your late father. But I won't be able to rest in peace if I die before I see my grandson or granddaughter." After all that, Rachel finally understood the true motive behind Fannie's words.

Feeling embarrassed, Rachel let go of her and said, "Mom, I'll go and check out what we will eat for dinner. Hiram just called me, and said that he will be home for dinner later."

"You always avoid having this talk with me. Why are you so shy? You are already in your late twenties." Fannie shook her head and complained, as Rachel got out of the room hastily.

At dinner time, Hiram came back in advance without telling them.

Rachel was still helping her mother set up the table. Just as she placed a dish on the table, someone surprised her with a hug from behind.

"Rachel, did you miss me?"

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