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   Chapter 186 The Little Beast Inside Hiram

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Hiram seemed to have fallen asleep before Rachel walked into the bedroom.

Rachel could see Hiram's chiseled chest through the loosened neckline of the dark blue silk bathrobe he was wearing. His long, flowing eyelashes trembled when he breathed in and out as he rested his head on one arm.

Rachel lay down beside him, letting her head sink into the soft stuffed pillow as she gazed at Hiram's face; his almost perfect symmetrical face seemed like it was sculpted like the statue of an ancient Greek god. After a while, she realized that Hiram wasn't pretending, and he had already long succumbed to the call of the sleep.

Slowly and quietly, she got up from the bed, grabbed her phone from the bedside table and tip-toed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Rachel went over next door to Hiram's room.

Since Hiram was wrapped in profound sleep on her bed, she decided to leave it to him alone. A whole day's travelling on bus had left her completely worn out and spent. The only thing she wanted at that moment was a good night's sleep.

When Joanna unexpectedly showed up in Hiram's office earlier that afternoon, he had to make last minute changes to his plan.

Although, they hadn't seen each other for two weeks, Hiram thought it would be inappropriate to ask Rachel to come back to her room, when she was still catching up with her mother. Thus, Hiram had no other choice but to wait. However, unfortunately, he fell asleep before Rachel ever got back.

Rachel took a quick shower in Hiram's bathroom and then threw herself on the bed, contentedly.

Shortly after she went to bed, the door of her bedroom was pushed open abruptly with a loud noise. Hiram came out in anger, panting heavily, like steam blowing out of a locomotive.

Hiram walked over to his room, opened the door and saw his wife sleeping on his bed. Although, his dark eyes could barely hold the weight of his eyelids any longer, the sparkling flames inside were still plainly visible.

He had fallen asleep after failing to keep awake any longer for her, but what did she do? She went to another room and fell asleep, instead of waking him up.

Rachel was almost drifting off to sleep when she heard heavy footsteps. She opened her eyes curiously, to find Hiram approaching in full fury.

Hiram set his sights on Rachel and approached her like a predator cornering its helpless prey, his eyes sparkling and mouth watering with desire. It seemed like there would be no respite for his prey tonight. Just one glance at Hiram, sent shivers down her spine, as she pulled tightly and hid herself under the sheets.

Rachel stammered, "Why are you awake?

I found you sound asleep on my bed, so I decided not to bother you."

The next moment, the lights went out. Startled, Rachel quietly moved away from him, "Oh, God!"

Inside Hiram was a beast, that had been restrained and starved for two w

t's no wonder I was recovering very quickly."

Then they got on the car and headed to the hospital.

When Rachel and Fannie got to the ward Nico was staying in, there was no one inside. The nurse informed them that Nico had gone to get checked up a few moments ago.

They went out to look for them and finally saw Mandy and Nico waiting in a line.

"It has been two days since you came here. Why haven't you seen the doctor yet?" Fannie asked in awe and was surprised when she found out that Nico hadn't finished his checkups yet.

"Aunt Fannie, it's because there are too many patients in this hospital, but thanks to a friend of mine, we finally managed to get an appointment with a specialist as soon as we could. Or else, we'd have to wait for another month, " Mandy explained to them, and then she helped Nico inside, to get his blood tested.

After they went out Mandy found a seat for her father, then she went over to Rachel and Fannie, "Hey, Rachel, thank you for coming."

Rachel nodded and looked at Mandy, who looked a little tensed, "How's uncle Nico doing, Mandy? He seemed great the last time I saw him."

"When he got ill before, he'd never take it seriously. Every time he got hurt, he'd take some pain killers for it, but this time it didn't work, so he had to come to the hospital, " said Mandy, as she lowered her head and looked down, trying to avoid looking at Rachel.

When Rachel and Mandy were catching up, a tall man walked towards them with some papers in his hand. He said to Mandy, "I've helped you make another appointment with a lung specialist. Here you are, please take your father to him as soon as you can."

"Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without you.

Oh, this is aunt Fannie, an old friend of my father, and this is Rachel, " Mandy held his arm and introduced them to him.

Rachel was stunned when she recognized who the man standing in front of her was.

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