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   Chapter 185 Give Me A Daughter

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"Okay, I'll go. I'm free on Sunday, " Rachel replied readily.

"Well, that's good, " said Joanna, cheerfully, and then she turned to Hiram. "Take Rachel with you to the auction this Sunday. Buy whatever Rachel likes. I'll repay you for the expense." With that, she picked up the cup of milk to have a sip.

"Hiram, I'll be leaving now. I hope you both enjoy your dinner. Rachel, come over with Hiram for dinner when you're available, "

Said Joanna as she stood up and proceeded to walk towards the door, smiling.

Hiram and Rachel accompanied her to the elevator and bid her a fond farewell.

Watching his mother leave, Hiram held Rachel's hand and said gently, "You don't have to go to the charity auction if you don't want to. I just don't want you to force yourself to do anything because of my mother."

"Why do you say that? I've already promised mom that I would go, so why not? It's not a big deal really." Rachel raised her head to look at him, wondering what he was worried about.

Hiram stared back into her deep, endless black eyes. She was so pure and sincere. Why did his mother invite Rachel to the auction? Although Rachel didn't know the reason behind it, he did.

"I'll take you to a place tonight and then you'll know why I said that."

Hiram decided to tell Rachel of his mother's intentions. He didn't want to see her bewildered and caught by surprise at the auction when she finally realized what she was facing.

The couple had dinner together after dark. Then Hiram changed into casual sportswear as they were about to go to the People's Park, which was the largest park in H City, for a walk.

They walked around the park, hand in hand, hearing people make small talk. Soon she realized Hiram's intention of bringing her there.

Rachel heard at least three people talking about the kidnapping incident that happened at the theater. They were disputing the rights and wrongs of the case, and mainly Hiram's decision to choose his sister instead of his wife.

One person accused Hiram of being an unfaithful husband, for abandoning his wife at the moment of crisis.

Rachel was amused and unable to stop herself from laughing when she heard the accusations against Hiram. After the theater incident, almost everyone stood up for Hiram, persuading her to make allowances for his difficulties.

However, now when she realized that she had so many people behind her, speaking up for her, she felt glad and thankful.

"What are you laughing at? Are you happy, now that you've finally had your revenge?" joked Hiram, as he looked back at Rachel's smiling face.

Although people were talking about him and calling him down, he didn't care. It was worth it, so long as he could see her smile happily.

"Aha, that's exactly what you deserve, " replied Rachel cheerfully, holding her head up to feel the cool breeze from the water under the bridge.

"People know the truth in their heart. You see your actions and choice have

tting Rachel on the back of her hand gently. "Rachel, you've been married for months, and yet you show no signs of pregnancy. It's time to think about having a baby. Tell me, what's your plan?"

"Mom, we have no intentions of having a baby before the wedding ceremony. What's the rush?" muttered Rachel. She didn't expect her mother to abruptly change the subject to this.

They hadn't been using any contraception those days, and yet Rachel wasn't pregnant. However, it was also important not to rush such matters.

"Rachel, I think you and Hiram should go and get yourselves checked at the hospital. In case there is something wrong, you can get it treated sooner rather than later, " suggested Fannie, gazing at Rachel.

"Mom, Hiram takes periodical medical check every year. He is in good health.

Apart from that one time when he fainted due to stress and lack of sleep, he rarely gets sick, " replied Rachel, helplessly, forcing a smile on her face.

"Well, maybe you're the one with the problem. You need to go and get yourself checked out soon. Please, promise me that you'll go and visit the doctors?" Fannie continued to persuade Rachel.

"Mom, I'm tired. I'm going back to my room now to get some sleep." Rachel didn't want to stretch the topic any further. She stood up and said, "Dear Fannie, I hope you set your heart at rest and have a good sleep tonight."

Fannie smiled back and shook her head. "I will, now go and get some rest.

And one more thing, the Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching. I need you to arrange your work schedule accordingly, so that you can accompany me to our hometown."

"I see, " replied Rachel, walking out of her mother's room. It was getting late. She dragged herself upstairs, yawning.

The faint moonlight lit her way up the stairs.

Rachel stretched her arms, exhausted after the long hours of travelling on the bus.

When she opened the door to her bedroom, she caught sight of the man lying on her bed.

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