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   Chapter 184 Joanna Came

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Looking at the microphone in front of her, Rachel was speechless. What was wrong with this reporter? Why on earth was he asking her how she felt about the kidnapping?

If she were Hiram, she would smash his face in immediately.

Instead, she answered, "No comment."

Then, she turned around and walked towards the Streams Company building, leaving the reporter behind. The reporter scratched his head and wondered if all the employees at Streams were this arrogant.

The other journalists patted him on the shoulder and said, "Never mind. Since she's working at Streams, she might get fired if she says something inappropriate. Of course she would keep her mouth shut!"

That made sense. The reporter nodded his head and watched Rachel walk towards the elevator.

Rachel got into the elevator and pressed 28.

Since the team had to hand in their phones for the past two weeks of training, she hadn't contacted Hiram since the last time she was in his office.

All she knew was that Hiram had made a few phone calls to Daniel.

The elevator opened, and Rachel was surprised at what she saw in front of her.

A man with a cold face was waiting in front of the elevator doors with his hands in his pockets.

Seeing her, he didn't say a word, but immediately grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up in an embrace.

Carrying her into the small suite in the CEO office, Hiram kissed Rachel. He kissed her on her face, on her neck, on her collarbone...

"Rachel, I hated myself for letting you go! I missed you so much, " he said.

Rachel threw her arms around his neck and took a moment to catch her breath before saying, "Hiram, wait. I'm back now."

"No, I can't wait anymore. I want you, Rachel…"

Rachel could feel Hiram's warm breath on her face. His deep eyes were filled with desire, the desire to kiss her, to…

Rachel sighed. She could feel his hands under her clothes. But just when she was about to close her eyes and begin to enjoy this, she heard Chad's voice outside the office saying, "Hi, Aunt Joanna. Why are you here? Hiram is working inside. I sho

chance to change the public opinion.

"Mom, I'll deal with it. You don't need to worry about it, " Hiram promised Joanna.

Joanna shook her head and said, "Hiram, I know you care about Rachel. And I think I owe her too.

However, she's a member of the Rong family now. If someone tries to destroy our dignity and fame, she will be affected too. We can only get through this if you two stick together!"

Right at that moment, Rachel walked into the office with a cup of hot milk in her hand.

"Mom, since you have an upset stomach, don't drink tea. I brought you milk, and it's still warm. Drink this instead!" Rachel said and put the milk on the desk in front of Joanna.

The hot summer had already passed. The weather was becoming cool. At her age, Joanna needed to take good care of herself.

Joanna smiled. She grabbed Rachel's arms and made her sit next to her. "Rachel, you're such a good daughter-in-law. We owe you a lot! I promise you that Hiram and I will treat you much better in the future. We'll make it up to you for your sacrifice."

Rachel shook her head and said, "Mom, don't say that. It's all over. Let's forget about it."

Joanna looked at Hiram and nodded her head. She said, "Rachel, we have a charity fundraising auction this Sunday. Would you like to go with Hiram?You'll be doing a good deed for those poor kids in the rural areas. Will you have time?"

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