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   Chapter 182 The Board Of Directors

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For the next two days, Rachel was busy amending the proposal and didn't spare any time for other small matters.

When she arrived at the company on the morning of the third day, She was surprised to find a bus parked outside the company's building. Then, she thought to herself doubtfully, 'I didn't hear about any business trip in the last two days. Maybe people from another department are going on a business trip?'

She went straight to her office, only to find that some of her colleagues in the office had luggage bags with them.

Confused, she pushed open the door to Daniel's office and walked in directly.

"Daniel, what's going on? Where are they all going?" Rachel asked, pointing at her colleagues outside the office, who were ready to go.

However, she suddenly noticed that there was also a blue luggage bag under Daniel's office table.

"Training. We're going to have a two-week isolated training at the Streams Company's resort in the neighboring city, " Daniel said, fixing his collar and preparing to leave.

"Now? Why didn't you inform me about this before? I didn't prepare anything, " Rachel said, looking at Daniel in astonishment.

Daniel looked at her and said with a smile, "Mrs. Rong, did I tell you that you're included in this training?"

"No, but I'm a member of this team. What's more, I need this training more than they do. They all have relevant education backgrounds for this profession, while I don't, " Rachel retorted.

"Yes, you're right. I thought so too. But you have to ask your man for an explanation, " Daniel said, taking his luggage bag and walking outside.

"Wait, " Rachel said, taking a step towards him and grabbing his arm. "Just give me 10 minutes. I'll go upstairs and ask him."

Then, she rushed hastily to the CEO's office.

Hiram, who had arrived at his office just minutes ago, had barely sat down when Rachel came in without knocking on the door and questioned him.

"Hiram, why am I excluded from the training?"

Hiram took off the watch on his wrist, put it into the top drawer of his table and answered, "There's no need for you to go to that remote place. Besides, Daniel can train you later."

"But training with my team is beneficial. It can promote creative thinking, and it can also improve my relationship with my colleagues. Why ar

Zhao, Hiram has handled that issue better than anyone else could have. Even you couldn't have pulled it off as perfectly as him if you'd been in his shoes. And as a matter of fact, that issue was a critical incident. No matter what we had chosen to do, people would be gossiping about us anyway." Richard smiled and crossed his legs.

After hearing this, Chad exchanged a glance with Luke, who was sitting opposite him.

Luke took a look at Hiram and said, "Hiram, I've already gotten to the bottom of this issue. It's the Yan Group that is plotting against us. They used the theater kidnapping case to slander our company. I think we should accuse them of such malicious slander."

"Luke is right. Hiram, they have been purposely telling the public that you are an irresponsible man who treats people indifferently and keeps his marriage a secret. Your public image is dropping because of them, "

Chad said.

Hearing these words, Judd Zhao said, "Hiram, I think you should let your wife clarify this matter."

Richard nodded and said, "Hiram, Mr. Zhao is right. It's better if Rachel is the one to clarify this matter. You don't have to do anything. All you need to do is appear with her in public, and the rumor would disappear."

All the other shareholders nodded along in agreement with Richard's advice, thinking it was the most efficient way to deal with this issue.

However, Hiram, who was wearing a tailored dark-grey suit that perfectly reflected both his maturity and his unique personality, was contemplating something.

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