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   Chapter 181 Secret Mistress

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Rachel angrily entered Hiram's office with a cup of tea. What was happening today? First, a woman Rachel didn't know asked her to make coffee for her, and now Hiram asked her to bring him tea.

Hiram had never asked Rachel to do such things before, but today he called her for a cup of tea.

"Here is your tea, Mr. Rong, " Rachel said, putting the teacup on his desk.

Then she turned around and walked to the door, but Hiram said, "There is a blue shirt in the closet of my suite. Please bring it to me. I want to wear it later."

Rachel opened her mouth wide but didn't say a word. She went into the suite like he'd asked her to.

"Is this one okay?" she asked. She'd looked inside the closet and, finding three blue shirts, picked one at random before bringing it to him.

"No, this isn't my favorite. Bring me another one, " said Hiram. He shook his head at the blue and white striped shirt in Rachel's hand.

Violet watched Rachel and Hiram talk to each other as if she wasn't there and suddenly understood. "Hiram, there's something different between you and your pretty assistant."

Although their conversation wasn't anything special, Violet realized the difference in Hiram's eyes when he looked at Rachel.

She had seen that expression on his face before when they were at a conference. He only looked like this when he saw something he wanted very much, but she had never seen Hiram look at any woman like this.

Hiram laughed and didn't deny it. "Since you're interested in my personal life, please enjoy yourself until you're satisfied."

Rachel came out with the other two blue shirts. "Which one is your favorite?"

She'd brought both the remaining shirts to Hiram and wondered what he'd say now.

"Come here. Let me tell you!" Hiram put out his cigarette in the ash tray and looked at her with a naughty smile.

Rachel walked to him without any hesitation and showed him the shirts.

Suddenly, Hiram reached out, not for the shirt, but for her waist. He drew her close to his chest and said softly, "Both are great. Will you pick one for me, honey?"

Rachel blinked her eyes and looked down at his hand. "Fine, I think this one is better. Here you go!"

"Okay, " Hiram said, taking the shirt Rachel had picked and throwing it on his desk. Watching the s

r with the blue shirt in his hands and said, "What did she say to you? And what was your answer?

Did you tell her that you're the woman that everyone's talking about these days?"

Hiram walked out of his suite as he spoke and stopped in front of Rachel. He put his hands on her waist and said, "You've no idea how many people are curious about who you are, honey."

Rachel's finger touched his naked chest accidentally. Embarrassed, she pulled his shirt to button it.

"What truly aroused their curiosity is, how humble the wife chosen by your family is that you could leave her to the kidnappers without any hesitation, " retorted Rachel.

Hearing what Rachel said, Hiram's face turned a little pale. He touched her face gently and said, "They have no idea that you're my most precious treasure."

After buttoning down the shirt, Rachel adjusted the collar for him.

"Go and pick out a dark blue tie for this shirt. I don't know whether I'm your precious treasure. All I learned is, I'm your bedtime partner as long as everything's all right, but when danger comes, I become disposable. Am I right?"

She asked, pushing him.

Hiram, who hadn't been expecting it, took a step back before adjusting himself. His eyes followed Rachel as she stormed off.

He sighed deeply.

He knew Rachel had knots in her heart, but he didn't know how to open them yet.

Rachel returned to her office and focused on her work. What a morning. She believed that the man next door wouldn't interrupt her for the rest of the day.

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