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   Chapter 180 A Guest

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Hearing what Hiram said, Rachel gazed at him with interest. She tightened her grip on his shoulder and said, "What you say is never equal to what you do. This is what I've learned so far. You once told me that if Lydia and I were both in danger and you could only save one of us, you would save me. But when you were really put in that situation, you chose your sister and gave me up. Besides, I don't think you wouldn't marry someone else if I hadn't come back safely. I don't want you to give me a satisfying answer. Whatever you say, I can accept. I've already had an answer to that question in my mind. I just asked you in the spur of the moment."

Hiram sighed and shook his head at Rachel's words. He looked seriously at her with his bright black eyes and said, "To be honest, I had my sperm frozen and stored three years ago. At that time, I thought I'd never find a woman I'd want to spend my whole life with, so I did that to carry on the family line.

I'd rather remain single all my life than marry a woman I don't have affection for just to produce an heir. And no one can force me to do anything that I don't want to do, both at work and in my personal life."

Rachel just listened without saying anything. "I don't believe you, " she said after a while. "A man like you remains a bachelor for an entire life? How could it be possible? There are so many beautiful girls who are eager to marry you. And even if you could resist the temptation, how about your parents? They definitely wouldn't agree to let you stay single. Don't try to fool me."

She lowered her head as she thought of the scenario. Then suddenly, she cried, "Ouch!"

Hiram had pinched her waist. The sudden ache made Rachel lift her head, her eyes meeting Hiram's black ones. "Since you don't believe me, I won't keep explaining myself. But you're right about one thing. I have a pretty woman here with me, but I spend my nights alone. Isn't that stupid?"

Immediately, Hiram kissed Rachel, lifting her up again.

"Hiram, put me down. We're not alone anymore. My mom, Emma and the house maid are downstairs, " Rachel said, trying to pull away from him.

"Never mind, they won't come upstairs now. I've told them not to, " Hiram replied with a gasp, still kissing Rachel affectionately.

"No, we can't. I'm not quite ready for it yet, " Rachel said, avoiding his intense kisses.

"There's no need to be ready. Sex by itself is an impulsive desire. We just have to enjoy it when it comes, so we can really be satisfied. Don't you remember that afternoon when you were so excited?"

Hiram carried Rachel to their bedroom as he spoke, not bothering to turn the light on.

Rachel kicked and pushed, trying to stop Hiram, but failed. "No, you're all sweaty. Take a bath first, " she said, trying to stall him.

"You're sweaty too. I don't care." Then he laid Rachel down on the bed and bent down to kiss her neck.

"No! Hiram... stop..."

Rachel cried, using all her energy to resist him. Finall


Violet sat on the chair in front of the desk and said, "You're no fun. I asked you out last night, but you said it was too late and refused. It wasn't even 10 yet. Tell me the truth. Your wife didn't allow you to come, right?"

"No, I was doing exercises when you called, " replied Hiram coolly.

"Really? Hiram, I've always been curious about the woman that has the ability to win your heart. You always lived an abstinent life. I tried to make you love me, but I failed. I heard that you married the girl who was engaged to you by your great-grandfather. Is that true?"

Violet had been sad for a while when she first heard the news about Hiram's marriage. Now that Hiram was right in front of her, she couldn't help asking him about it.

"Miss Feng, I didn't know you liked to gossip about things like this. I thought you were different. You're a businesswoman, not one of those idle women who have nothing better to do."

Violet laughed, touching her cheek and looking at Hiram.

"Yes, I don't like gossip. But it's about you, how could I not be concerned about it? I used to think that I was the only woman who was qualified to be your wife. But then you married someone else, and it makes me really upset. You owe me an explanation."

Hiram didn't reply. He pressed a button on the phone on his desk and said, "Get me a cup of tea." Then he lit a cigarette and turned to Violet. "You're excellent."

Violet put on a flirty smile and said, "I only found out that you were married after the recent incident. I know you married her only because of the marriage agreement. You don't actually like her, right? She's even behind your adopted sister in your heart."

Hearing this, Hiram's face turned grave and cold, and his hold on the pen in his hand tightened. "I'm not accustomed to hearing others talk about my family, " he said coolly.

"I'm sorry. I crossed the line, " Violet said immediately, noticing Hiram's unhappiness.

At that moment, the door was opened.

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