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   Chapter 179 Act First And Explain Later

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Rachel had just stepped into the porch of the villa when she heard the sound of laughter from inside.

Fannie seemed to be comfortably talking and laughing with Emma and a new housemaid.


Rachel said furiously when she entered and saw Fannie sitting on the sofa. "Mom, why did you move here? You didn't even tell me a word!"

When she had gone back to an empty house earlier, she'd thought that something bad had happened and that she might even need to go to her hometown immediately.

"So you're back, darling?" Fannie asked calmly.

"Is Rachel back? We're going to serve dinner."

Emma said, taking the housemaid into the kitchen with her.

Fannie was more puzzled than Rachel. She said, "Darling, didn't you arrange this? When Chad came to bring us here, he told me that you'd arranged it but you were too busy to tell me about it yourself. I didn't think much of it!"

Right at that moment, Hiram walked down the stairs towards them. "Mom, sorry, I'm the one who arranged this."

Then he turned to Rachel and said in a soft tone, "Honey, the place you were living in is too small for mom to recover. This house is big and the air is good. So I arranged for mother to move here."

Rachel opened her mouth to speak, but Fannie beat her to it. "Hiram, you're so thoughtful. The place we used to live in is small indeed, and I had to take an elevator to get to the road. This house is much more convenient, and there's also a small garden for me to take a walk.

Darling, I will recover in a month. After that, I'll move out so I don't disturb you two!"

"That's not what I'm upset about, Mom..." Rachel replied, looking at Fannie first, then looking at Hiram. She pulled him towards the store room.

Hiram followed her inside and closed the door behind him. Without giving her time to speak, he pulled her into his arms.

Rachel was about to protest when he kissed her.

His tongue pushed her teeth open, forcing her to kiss him back. It wasn't until the kissing made her gasp that he released her.

"Dear, you want to live with your mother. I don't want to spend my nights alone. Now, we're in a win-win situation. Don't you think?" he said cheekily.

Rachel took

"Rachel, I'm not just your husband. I'm also one of your family members. I want my mother-in-law to have a better environment to recuperate from illness. That's not wrong, is it?" said Hiram, suddenly approaching her. She looked up hastily at his chest, which was covered in beads of sweat.

His abs were visible but not excessive. Resisting the urge to snort, she said, "Hiram, you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

"Doing what?" Hiram raised his eyebrows, trying to guess the meaning of her words.

"You're trying to get in shape like this to seduce me, aren't you?" she said, looking up into his eyes.

Hiram laughed. "You think too much. I exercise mainly so I can work better. If I don't keep myself fit and healthy, I'll get sick easily. That might delay a lot of things."

"Oh..." Rachel turned around and started jogging again.

"Why, aren't you satisfied with my body? Or are you too satisfied with it?" Hiram asked chuckling. Even after running for a long time, his breathing was even, unlike Rachel, who was gasping for air.

"No, I'm just trying to tone my body, " Rachel said, changing the topic, looking down at her own flat but shapeless abdomen.

With a grunt, he lifted her off the treadmill and made his way to the side seat.

"Let me go!" Rachel exclaimed in astonishment. He was holding her by the waist.

"Don't you want to hear my answer to the question you texted me today?" Hiram said, putting her down on the seat.

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