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   Chapter 178 A Good Friend

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"Rachel, I'm back. Where are you? I wanna talk to you." It was Celine on the other end of the phone. She called Rachel as soon as she got off the plane.

"Okay, I'm just getting off from work. Let's meet at the usual place!" Rachel took all her stuff and walked towards the elevator.

In a milk tea store on an old street in H City.

Celine had bought a lot of presents for Rachel on her trip. Rachel was moved when she saw them.

"This is a local snack. It's really good. I bought it for Aunt Fannie! Both of you should try it! And this is a handmade handbag. Isn't it cute? I bought two of these. One for you…"

Celine kept showing Rachel her purchases. "Of course, these are nothing compared to what you gave me last time. But you know, it's the thought that counts. And you know how much I earn!"

Moved by Celine's presents, Rachel smiled warmly and said, "All right, stop giving me presents, Celine. These are enough.

As long as you bring me something, I know that you care about me. You don't have to buy me so many things. We're friends. This is too much!"

Celine winked at Rachel and said, "You're right. We're friends. So take all these things with you. Most of them are snacks, nothing expensive, really!"

Rachel sighed and nodded her head.

Suddenly, something occurred to Celine. She stood up and grabbed Rachel's arms. "Oh, right! Since I was on the business trip, I only heard about your kidnap days later! Oh my gosh! Are you okay?"

Rachel couldn't help laughing. "Celine, come on. Who on earth are you talking to if I'm not doing okay?"

"Right, right. However, Hiram is such an asshole! How could he choose to save his scheming sister and abandon you!" Celine was mad at Hiram and she felt sorry for Rachel. "I mean, Lydia isn't even his biological sister. And she's always pretending like she's weak to win people's sympathy. Why did Hiram save her?

You know what? When I found out that he chose Lydia over you, I was really really mad at him! Hiram is a smart guy. Why can't he see what kind of person Lydia is?"

Rachel took a sip of her milk tea. She rested her chin on her hands and looked at Celine, who looked more attractive when she was angry.

Not noticing Rachel, C

iram stay without remarrying and continuing the family line.

Celine waited for a few minutes but there was no reply, So she returned the phone to Rachel.

But just when Rachel was about to turn off the screen, she got Hiram's message.

"Meet me tonight. I'll tell you the answer in person."

Celine saw the message too. She glanced at Rachel and said, "I tell you what, go and meet him. Ask him! And don't forget to tell me his answer."

Rachel put down her phone and said, "Okay. Let's finish the milk tea and go home. My mom is waiting for me to have dinner."

Rachel called a taxi to go home after she said goodbye to Celine.

"Mom, I'm home!"

Rachel walked into an empty house. There was no dinner on the dining table, and Fannie and Emma weren't there.

She walked into Fannie's bedroom. What the hell! Fannie's clothes were gone. And not just her clothes, most of the furniture in her bedroom was gone too. She immediately called her mom.

"Hello! Mom, where are you?"

Rachel was worried about Fannie.

"Rachel, didn't you know? I thought you asked Hiram to help me move into this Tur.. whatever Palace."

"What?!" Rachel was confused at Fannie's words.

What was happening?

Why would Fannie move into the Tulip Palace?

Had Hiram planned it?

It must be him. Who else would have done it?

She called Hiram several times, but he didn't answer her calls.

At last, Rachel had no choice but to call a cab and go to the Tulip Palace.

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