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   Chapter 177 Under Monitoring

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As soon as Hiram came in, he noticed that Rachel was standing in front of the table with an uneasy expression on her face. Nevertheless, he smiled at them and greeted Fannie. "Hi, Mom!"

"Welcome, Hiram! Come on in!" Fannie said, beckoning him in.

"Mom! I'm going inside my room." With that, Rachel turned around and walked towards her room without even a glance at Hiram.

But just after she entered, the door opened again.

She knew it must be Hiram. She was about to turn around when she fell into his warm embrace. He buried his head into her neck and sighed slightly. "Honey! If you don't want me to stay here, I'll leave after talking to mom."

He looked weary, but still handsome. Rachel felt his eyelashes lightly brushing over her skin. She couldn't bear to drive him away.

"Dinner's ready, so you can leave after eating, " she said.

"Okay!" Hiram answered immediately and kissed her on the lips. Then, he held her hand and said, "Let's go!"

Rachel ate quietly. Fannie kept up most of the conversation while Hiram answered her occasionally.

After dinner, Hiram politely refused Fannie when she asked him to stay the night. He took one last look at Rachel before leaving.

Hiram bringing Rachel home and staying for dinner became a routine for the next three days.

This morning, Rachel had hardly come into the office and sat down at her desk when she received a message from her colleague.

"Come to the meeting room as soon as possible."

When Rachel reached the meeting room downstairs, she heard Daniel shouting angrily.

"Your proposals suck! Don't you feel ashamed to put such childish proposals on my table?

And you! Why did we hire you? Just for this? Can you stop copying mechanically and start using your head?"

Daniel slammed their proposals on the table, then glared at the rest of the proposals.

Rachel quietly pushed open the door and walked in. All the staff in the two teams were new recruits. In fact, many of them had joined only several days before. Daniel had gotten mad several times before, but he had never

ween different scenes on the screen freely.

He watched her when she was puckering her lips, frowning, contemplating, biting the pen or even folding paper frogs and cranes when she couldn't think of a good idea.

Hiram blew on his tea lightly and took a sip. He looked at the screen and found that Rachel seemed frustrated. She was laying her head down on the desk.

Then he called Chad. "Hi, Chad! Remember what I asked you to do last time? How's it going?"

"It's done, " Chad answered.


After hanging up, Hiram looked at Rachel on his screen again. Every time he saw her, he felt the stress from his work disappearing.

Sitting in the office, Rachel didn't know that her every move was being monitored. She stared at her computer screen with her chin resting on one hand. Daniel had said that she wasn't familiar with some of the work just now.

She made herself a cup of coffee before opening up the proposal on her computer and checking it again.

When she finally completed revising her proposal, it was already getting dark. She looked at her watch and realized that it was way past the time she usually got off work.

She packed up her things and went to the president's office, but Hiram wasn't there.

Something was wrong. He always brought her home, so why had he left tonight without saying a word to her?

Just then, her cell phone rang.

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