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   Chapter 176 Heartless Woman

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When Rachel saw him come in, she instantly stopped talking.

If she questioned Hiram in front of Wayne about why he was tracking her, Wayne would definitely get a bad impression of Hiram.

When Wayne realized that Hiram had heard the conversation, he stopped talking and his face turned pale.

He knew very well that his fortune wasn't equal to even a millionth of Hiram's.

"Mr. Wei, thank you for your favor to my wife. But in the future, please stay away from her, " Hiram said coldly.

"Mr. Rong, since you already heard the conversation, let me come clean. Before Rachel met you, she went on a blind date with me. Several dates, in fact. And I really liked her. The truth is, I still can't forget her, even after finding out that she's your wife now. Also, I think it's unfair for her to endure such an experience!

Mr. Rong, I really hope that you'll treat her well in the future. Otherwise, I'll be there for her. And although I'm not as rich as you, I know I can protect her, "

Wayne said with determination, then turned to look at Rachel affectionately. "Rachel..."

"Oh, don't you think you're assuming too much? You've no right to judge people you barely know, " Hiram said calmly.

He knew that many people would condemn him after the incident. When he had made that decision at the theater, he had already mentally prepared himself for this outcome.

People would make irresponsible remarks about him no matter what decision he made.

It was okay. He could spend more than a lifetime compensating for it. But he knew that Lydia was no longer worthy of his care. If it hadn't been for his parents, he wouldn't have considered saving her.

"Wayne, I think Hiram and I need to talk, so please take leave. Thank you for inviting me to eat!" Rachel smiled apologetically at Wayne.

Wayne looked at her worriedly, but nodded and left.

Rachel turned and glared at Hiram. "Hiram! Are you tracking me?"

"Tracking? I waited downstairs for you for half an hour, but then I saw you holding flowers given by a strange man and willingly getting into his car. Do you know how h

ave you left? If you haven't, come up and eat something. I've cooked a lot of dishes!"

Seeing that Fannie had called Hiram after all, Rachel bit her chopsticks forcefully with anger.

After Fannie put down the phone, she had a satisfied smile on her face.

"He hasn't left yet and will come up soon!"


"Listen, Rachel, I know one thing for sure. You two can't live separately. Forgetting the past and starting a new life is the best choice. This kind of thing won't happen a second time. Give him another chance. Okay?"

Fannie sighed. Although she had been angry at Hiram before too, when she found out that he hadn't had a rest for many days just to find Rachel, she felt sorry for him.

No one could judge whether his choice was right or wrong, as it wasn't fair to him.

Fannie then slowly said, "You're my daughter. I love you more than anyone else. But I can't stay with you your whole life. And, after this incident, I think that Hiram will definitely care more about you. This might be a blessing in disguise."

Rachel closed her eyes and bit her lips. She had vowed not to let him enter her home. But...

He must be very happy after receiving Fannie's phone call.

Just as she was struggling about what she should do, The doorbell rang.

"Come in, the door's not locked!" Fannie answered with a smile.

Then, she saw a familiar figure push the door open.

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