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   Chapter 175 A Late Date

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"Are you free tonight? I'd like to invite you to dinner, "

Asked Wayne politely, with a big smile.

Rachel stood still and didn't turn around to see him. She realized Wayne was walking closer, as she could smell the fragrance of the roses in his hands.

'Oh, God...

Are you kidding me right now? How could you?'

None of Rachel's blind dates had asked her out for a second time before, but now, men were attracted to her one by one, running after her hopelessly.

But did God forget that she was married? At least, Rachel didn't think so.

"Hey, Wayne! What a surprise! Why are you here?" Rachel had no choice but to turn to him. She gritted her teeth and forced a smile. Wayne stood right behind her gracefully, but Rachel didn't have the spirit to look at him now.

"Hmm, after I begged Celine for a long time, she finally told me where your company was. She said that she would have come to see you sooner if she hadn't been out on a business trip, " Wayne smiled at Rachel bashfully. He was too shy to look Rachel in the eye every time they met.

'Celine?' Rachel was confused. 'Anyway, I'll have a chat with Celine the next time I see her.' Celine was well aware that Rachel had been married to Hiram, but then what was her reason for causing this trouble? Celine must have overlooked Hiram's reaction to this.

"Wayne, listen, I thought I told you clearly that I am married, but look at you, I don't understand what you're doing here with those roses?" asked Rachel.

"Yes, I know, but I hope you accept these roses. Here you are. I have been waiting for an opportunity to get to know you better, but for now, relax, it's just a bouquet of flowers!" said Wayne.

Wayne thrust the roses into Rachel's hands, and pointed at his Hyundai parked on the other side of the road, "Come on. Let's have dinner together. I've got something to tell you, " said Wayne

Just a few steps away, Hiram was sitting in his Maybach, watching them.

Hiram carefully observed what was going on between Rachel and her admirer. He had been waiting for her in the car ever since she left the office, but now, she was getting in another car with someone else.

Chad was right. Rachel's bad luck had made a sharp U-turn since they got married. More and more men were attracted by her regardless of her marital status. Hiram's insides were boiling with fury.

"Look, Hiram! Rachel's getting in his car. What are you waiting for? Let's do something!"

Shouted Chad anxiously.

Somehow, Hiram squeezed a few words out of his mouth as he clenched his teeth.

"No, just follow them."

"Yes, Hiram! As you wish!" responded Chad immediately.

Chad stepped on the accelerator and sped out. They made a U-turn on the cro

ing why Hiram changed his mind again and again in a matter of minutes.

Chad, however, agreed with Hiram. The guy next door had it coming. He dared to persuade Hiram's wife to leave Hiram. He needed to pay for what he said and a bankruptcy might not be sufficient.

Hiram's patience was running thin. He felt like he had heard enough and refused to listen to Wayne's nonsense any longer.

Suddenly, he stood up and walked out of the room.

"Rachel, If you say Hiram is different from the other men, I'll take your word for it, but he might abandon you again since he's already done it once before. Do you really think you can trust him after that?" asked Wayne.

Wayne sighed, and then gave it one last shot to try and persuade Rachel again.

When he heard that Hiram saved his sister first instead of Rachel, he felt indignant, thinking Hiram did not deserve Rachel's love.

A man, who couldn't protect his own wife, was worthless, even if he could afford to buy the sun.

"I hope that you'll think about my words, and if you end up divorcing him, I'll be waiting for you, as always. I don't mind putting everything behind and treating you like before. You deserve it!" continued Wayne.

Rachel signed, feeling restless, as she didn't know how to turn him down gently, for good.

Wayne had barely finished speaking when Hiram pulled the curtains of their chamber and walked in. He approached their table in an imposing manner, as if he were a king. Hiram's eyes glared right through Wayne, as if they were blades, glistening under the light.

"Wouldn't Mr. Wei think you're going beyond your depth by persuading my wife to get a divorce? I don't see what gives you right to do so. Your family fortune?"

Hiram said with a look of disgust on his face as he feigned a smile and glanced at Wayne.

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