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   Chapter 174 A Bouquet Of Red Roses

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Rachel got more and more uncomfortable in her sleep.

Hiram noticed Rachel's reactions; he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

That was when things went out of hand.

Rachel felt her sense of self-control fleeting away as she unknowingly cooperated with him.

When it was over, Rachel started to regain her senses. Unable to utter a word, she panted and stared at Hiram with misty eyes.


Did I make a move?' she wondered.

"Honey, it was not exactly my fault. You know that every human being has basic emotions and desires, and we are of no exception. Don't be so surprised, okay?" Hiram comforted Rachel as he ran his fingers through her soft hair. He looked at the watch to see the time and suggested, "We have ten minutes left. Do you want to take a nap?"

Rachel shook her head and sat up straight. She put on her clothes and walked out of the room without saying a word.

After Rachel left, Hiram's eyes slowly shifted towards an incense burner hiding in the corner. It was smokeless, but had a very subtle fragrance.

Hiram took a sigh of relief, and lay down on the bed with a smile of pure satisfaction on his face.

'Forgive me, honey, but sometimes this is the only way to find relief.

In order to cool you down earlier, I had to resort to cheap tricks.' Hiram thought.

After returning to the office, Rachel looked straight at the computer screen.

She shook her head in disappointment.

'It's just sex. It's not a big deal. Why am I thinking so much about it?'

Rachel got up and made herself a warm cup of tea. Soon after a much needed break, she calmly went back to work.

Meanwhile, at the H City airport, Shirley and Lydia were sitting in a cafe next to the waiting hall.

Shirley hugged Lydia to stop her from crying ceaselessly. "Lydia, please don't be so sad. After a period of time, when Hiram calms down, he will take you back. What are you so worried about?" Shirley said to comfort her.

"Shirley, you don't understand. Hiram believes anything and everything Rachel says, and now he thinks that I had something to do with her being kidnapped. He won't even talk to me anymore."

Lydia replied, with a hint of misery and desperation in her tone.

"Hiram is everything to me. He has my entire world in the palm of his hand. If he ignores me, what purpose would I have in this world to live for?"

Lydia's tears spilled down her face, like water from a dam. Hiram was the only person in the world that ever matter

before her to put on the ring on her finger.

Curiously, Rachel walked close to find out what was happening. When she got close enough to the circle, she found that the man standing in the middle, looked fairly handsome, gentle and well cultivated.

'Hold on.

Why does that man look so familiar?'

When she realized who the man was, she secretly walked out of the crowd from behind in haste.


What's he doing outside the Streams Company? Is he pursuing a female employee of this company?

Anyway, I'd better not let him see me, ' she thought.

In a Maybach parked by the road, Chad said to the man who was sitting in the rear seat, waiting for someone, "Hiram, someone is here to give flowers to Rachel!"

Hiram closed the file he had in his hands and looked outside.

He noticed the crowd gathering when we was coming out, but he had no interest in such a drama.

"Hiram, it seems like Rachel has many admirers these days?"

Chad said, but he immediately shut his mouth when he saw the look on Hiram's face.

There were two reasons as to why Rachel wanted to leave there quietly. Firstly, if Wayne was really attracted to a female employee in the Streams Company, then Rachel, his former blind date, would be better off not showing her face to him.

Secondly, in case Wayne hadn't given up on Rachel, and still wanted to confess his love to her, she would most certainly be better off not showing her face to him.

However, it seemed like Rachel had underestimated Wayne. Wayne had already seen her when she got out of the building.


Wayne walked towards Rachel with a bouquet of vibrant, red roses.

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