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   Chapter 173 Capture Her Heart Step By Step

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"Hey! What are you doing?!"

Daniel smirked and replied, "Your husband has asked me to move your desk to the secretary's office, before he comes back to work."

"Why must you follow his orders? You are my boss! Shouldn't you be defending me?"

Rachel snapped at Daniel.

However, Daniel just shrugged innocently, as the two workers lifted her desk up and carried it out of the room.

Slowly, he walked to her and explained, "I cannot stop him. You are right, I am your boss. But he is my boss. Hiram hired me with a high salary. How can I go against his wishes?"

"But our office is here. If I move upstairs, it will be inconvenient for both of us to work together!" Rachel frowned in despair. What was Hiram up to?

Why was he back in the company so quickly? He should be resting in the hospital.

Besides, Hiram said that Rachel could do whatever she wanted, then why did he have the staff move her desk?

"I know. Anyway, if I need to send you some documents or instructions, I will just send you an email or call you." Daniel looked at her and feigned a half-hearted smile.

Rachel understood that she couldn't fight the system, and what she could do was stare at Daniel begrudgingly.

Daniel stepped forward and patted her on the shoulder. "I heard that he had slept for two days before he woke up? Rachel, you are his wife. You should be the one to supervise him. You can check whether he needs to take a rest or not. Don't be unwilling to assume control of his health.

Oh...I'm sorry. I shouldn't take his side again." Realizing that he might have said something wrong, Daniel coughed, and then left the room.

Rachel's mouth did not open, as if her lips were sewn shut.

She took her bag and walked out of the office.

The decoration and sound insulation materials in the president's office were different from the offices on the other floors. Hiram liked to work in a quiet environment, so his room was so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

Rachel was in the secretary's office now.

She used to carry out her work in groups before. However, at present, Rachel was alone and she was starting to get uncomfortable.

The company staff had assembled her computer and left the things on her desk as it was untouched.

Rachel sat here quietly for ten minutes before she got used to her new office, and then carried on with her work.

What pleased Rachel the most was the fact


People have always said that, a person is more likely to fall asleep when he is full. That was Rachel's current state at that moment.

After finishing her meal, she went back to her office and decided to sleep for a while. When she was about to walk past Hiram's office, he pulled her into his office.

Inside the small suite, Hiram took her to the soft bed. "There is no place to take a rest in your office. It must be uncomfortable to lean over a desk. Sleep here. I'll have someone wake you up when it's time."

"Uncomfortable? But, isn't that what all the other employees do?"

Rachel asked him, unconvinced by his statement.

"You are different. You are the boss' wife. If the boss' wife has to work so hard, what's the point in being the boss?"

Meanwhile, Hiram casually took off her shoes.

As soon as her head touched the pillow, her eyes wanted to give up. Everybody knew that bed was very comfortable. "I can sleep here, but you can't lay a finger on me."

Rachel lay on her side, and gently shifted her hips to get comfortable. "I won't do that, " replied Hiram, then he continued, "I promise not to touch you."

Rachel squinted her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

A certain fragrance, although absent before, was spreading inside the room now.

Although Rachel was almost asleep, she felt a strange urge, as if her heart had been swayed by Hiram. She could not control her desire to feel his touch. Soon, she turned around to hug him, and then went back to sleep.

Satisfied, Hiram carefully placed his hand on her shoulder, and closed his eyes, enjoying her touch.

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