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   Chapter 172 Baby, Stop

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Rachel picked up his cell phone and scrolled through Hiram's contacts. She remembered a doctor named Hardy often came to visit her last time when she was in the hospital. Apparently, he also belonged to the Rong family.

"Dr. Hardy Rong? This is Rachel speaking. Something is wrong with Hiram... Can you come over?

His body temperature is very low, and his face has gone pale...

What? Call an ambulance?

Oh, yes, of course, but please hurry up!"

Rachel hung up the phone, and looked at Hiram, lying in front of her. Her eyes suddenly welled up with tears. She didn't know what to do to wake him up; she just rubbed his cheeks from time to time, "Hiram, please wake up... You're scaring me…"

When she fell ill, in the past, her body temperature was high, but Hiram's body temperature was tremendously low!

After she had just described some symptoms of him, Hardy instantly said that she must call an ambulance. Fortunately, he was on duty tonight and would come with the ambulance later!

Panic-stricken, Rachel waited for the dreaded wait to be over. Finally, she heard the ambulance roaring outside and immediately ran out to open the door.

Hardy let the hospital staff take the stretcher inside as he walked into the room to check up on Hiram.

"I think he is in shock. Has he not been resting properly in the past few days?" After a quick check up, Hardy quickly got up and asked the staff members to put Hiram on the stretcher.

Rachel was still in shock, but she soon came to her senses and nodded hesitantly, "Maybe, when I was in danger, he might have been under a lot of stress because of that…"

Did he sleep well even once?

"Don't worry, I will give him a complete check up in the hospital!" Hardy comforted her, knowing the fact that Hiram was a workaholic, who wouldn't go to sleep before the work was completed.

Moreover, Rachel's incident must have pushed him to the limit. It was no wonder his body couldn't handle the pressure.

Rachel rushed into her room and packed a few things, and then she got on the ambulance.

In the hospital, Rachel looked at Hiram, worriedly, who was lying in bed, comatose.

No wonder he didn't come out after entering his bedroom. As it turned out, he fainted after he finally brought her back home.

Tears streamed down from her eyes, like a waterf

ere he went, there would always be a lot of young girls fawning over him.

Hiram frowned, then lay on the bedside and looked at her with both hands under his head. "Then just go."

Rachel was ready to leave, but she sensed that something was wrong. Why he didn't persuade her to stay?

"Why aren't you leaving? Since you've already wanted to separate with me, why do you still care about my health? Go, and do what you want. I promise I will not interfere with your life."

Hiram leaned against the bed comfortably; he found a box of cigarettes he had left inside his pocket.

Rachel stood by the door and looked at him for a while, then walked out of the door.

After she left, Hiram picked up his mobile phone and made a phone call.

"Daniel, move Rachel's desk into the secretary's office next to mine. Yeah… I will come back to work today."

It was 6 a.m., when Rachel got out of the hospital. From there, she went straight to the company.

It was still quite early when she arrived at the company. She went to the display board to check her work schedule.

Daniel had come back to work very early that day. When she got to her desk, Rachel found some new documents waiting for her.

Rachel opened the file and found that it was the work Daniel had arranged for her during the days when she was absent.

After she sat down, she started working from the start. While she was swamped with work, Her desk was suddenly being lifted, and the wires of her computer were pulled out, simultaneously. Rachel was about to explode in anger!

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