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   Chapter 171 He Was In A Coma

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"… Rachel, go back home with me."

Rachel slowly glanced at Patrick and then quickly glared back at Hiram. Did he only give his undying attention to her when he felt threatened?

To Hiram, Rachel was like one of his personal belongings. Although he was reluctant to part with her, if push came to shove, he was willing to bite down and give her up.

However, once things went back to normal, his strong sense of possessiveness would compel him to get her back.

"I'll ride back home, "

Said Rachel. Then she turned around and asked the worker to unload her motorcycle from the cart.

Soon, Rachel's motorcycle was unloaded. She put on her helmet, twisted the motorcycle handlebar and rode away.

Rachel knew that Hiram was following her in his Maybach.

All of a sudden, Hiram sped up and stopped right in front of her, blocking her way.

Hiram got out of his car, strode towards her and then sat on her motorcycle.

"I wanna go for a ride too. How about I drive the motorcycle, Rachel?"

Rachel looked at Hiram, who was now sitting behind her, and frigidly said, "Sorry, I only have one helmet. Go back to your Maybach!"

"Who said there is only one?"

Chad passed Hiram a helmet. Surprised, Rachel wondered how they managed to find the time to buy a helmet.

Rachel didn't answer. She twisted her handlebar again and continued to ride off in her motorcycle.

As they rode on, the rugged road made Rachel's back stiff. Hiram's hands were on her waist; he was practically, hugging her from the back, but not just for safety purpose. He held onto her so tightly that it seemed like he was becoming a part of her body.

"Stop hiding from me… Please?" pleaded Hiram. Although, Rachel was not a very good driver, Hiram enjoyed riding with her, as the fast wind kissed their faces on the road.

"I'm not hiding from you. I just need to go out and relax. I came across Mr. Yan by accident, " Rachel took a deep breath and said to Hiram. She watched as the river flowed onwards, swiftly and boldly under the bridge.

In any case, she and Hiram were still a married couple. It was necessary for her to explain things to her husband.

If it hadn't been for Patrick's constant nagging and pestering, she wouldn't have gone out with him.

"I know. You don't need to explain to me, " Hiram whispered in Rachel's ears. Rachel felt a slight tickle in her ear when Hiram whispered, so she twitched awkwardly. Hiram smiled at her and suggested, "There's a nice

ge was still in his trunk and her cell phone was in the luggage. She had work in the morning, so she needed to charge her phone.

"Hiram, are you sleeping?" Rachel knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

Rachel decided to open the door. She walked into the room to ask Hiram for the key to the car.

When she walked in, she found that Hiram hadn't taken his clothes off. Instead, he leaned against the bedside table and fell asleep.

Rachel walked towards him and saw the key on the bedside table. She took the key and said to him, "I am taking the key to open the car door. I'll put it back when I get my phone."

Hiram, however, didn't answer her.

Was he in deep sleep?

Rachel took the key with her and went downstairs to the garage to get her cell phone back. After she finally found her phone, she returned to the bedroom and put down the key on the table.

Rachel didn't

Realize that something was wrong, until now. She tried to wake up Hiram, but he wasn't responding. Besides, shouldn't he be uncomfortable sleeping there like that?


Rachel bent down to check on Hiram. She patted his face, "Hiram, why didn't you take off your clothes before you went to…"

Rachel didn't finish her words. She furrowed her eyebrows the moment she touched his face. It was very cold; as cold as ice.

Under the dim bed light, Hiram's face looked as white as snow.


Rachel exclaimed. She shook his shoulders forcibly as she called out his name.

"Hiram, wake up!"

"Wake up. Don't sleep!"

When Rachel realized that Hiram might have gone into a coma, she was so terrified that her face turned pale.

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