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   Chapter 170 Go Back Home With Me

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"Where are we?"

Rachel asked, as she looked around at this mysterious place. Since there was no sign hanging on the gate, it was impossible to tell what exactly that place was from the outside.

Patrick opened the gate, and then turned on the electric switch. Suddenly, the entire place lit up.

"This is my private arcade. You are the first woman to enter this place." said Patrick. He hung his coat on the hanger, rolled up his sleeves and walked inside the arcade.

Rachel looked around and found that there were many kinds of gaming machines in his private game center. He could play all kinds of games here, including basketball game, shooting game and motorcycle racing game etc. She never knew Patrick had a hobby as this.

"Here you go!" said Patrick, as he gave Rachel a basket of game coins. He grabbed a basket of coins for himself, and walked towards the one-armed bandit on the other side of his game center.

Rachel carried the heavy basket and looked around. Soon, she went straight to the claw machines.

In the past, Rachel was alway reluctant to buy a lot of game coins for the claw machines, because she thought that the money she would spend on the game coins would be enough for her to buy a doll, similar to the ones in the claw machines. However, now that she had many game coins, she could play as many times as she'd like to.

"Damn, that was close..." Rachel complained, after another failed attempt to get a doll. She bit her lips and looked at the basket, only to find that she had spent half of her game coins without even winning one doll from the machine.

Frustrated, Rachel inserted another coin and tried again. Although she was a little bit hasty at first, she had summed up the gaming experience from her failed attempts.

"You're acting like a little child. I didn't expect that you would play one game for so long. Let's go to the other side." Patrick said, after seeing how obsessed Rachel was with this game. He shook his head with a smile and dragged her away from the claw machine.

"No, no, oh... It's all your fault. I almost succeeded."

Rachel complained, glaring at Patrick. She almost succeeded this time, but a sudden pull from Patrick caused the SpongeBob doll to drop from the claw.

When Patrick realized that Rachel was unwilling to leave the claw machine, he smiled at her and said, "If you like the dolls so much, I'll open the machine and give you all the dolls in it later."

"There's no fun in that. The interesting part of the game is the process of getting the doll all by yourself." Rachel said, and then she followed him to the shooting game machine.

Patrick and Rachel sat

e is outside now. I have to go, good-bye." After she said good-bye, Rachel started walking towards the entrance of the game arcade.

When Rachel got out, she immediately saw her electric motorcycle, which was placed on a rail car. She decided to walk over to rail car and persuade the driver to put her motorcycle down.

However, before Rachel could take a step forward, someone grabbed her by the wrist from the back. "I said I would take you back. I don't intend on going back on my word even if you disagree, " insisted Patrick.

"Mr. Yan, thank you very much, but your time is more precious than mine. So I think it would be better for me to go home by myself." Rachel said as she struggled to get rid of Patrick. Soon, she realized that Patrick would not let her go no matter how hard she tried.

"Mr. Yan, please..."

"Patrick Yan!"

Just when Rachel was trying to get rid of Patrick, suddenly, a figure walked towards them and punched Patrick right across the face.

The surprise hit caused Patrick to lose his balance and spit out a mouthful of blood. He raised his head, only to find Hiram's hands on his collar. "Patrick, leave Rachel alone!" Hiram shouted angrily.

"Uh...Hiram, why are you so mad? I just wanted to take her back home, " replied Patrick, with a hint of fear in his eyes.

"Is that so? Well, this is my last warning. Stay away from my wife!" Hiram growled, and then let go of Patrick.

Patrick looked back at Hiram. Clearly, he wasn't expecting for Hiram to come looking for Rachel. He fixed his collar and asked, "What, Hiram? Now you care about her? Where were you when she was kidnapped?"

"My family affairs do not concern you. It's none of your business." Hiram replied coldly, looking at Rachel with his deep, dark eyes.

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