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   Chapter 169 Patrick’s Territory

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"What are you doing, Patrick? Let me go!" screamed Rachel. Patrick grabbed her arm firmly and forced her to walk with him.

Patrick looked at her and grinned, "Great! It felt great to hear you call me by my name. Listen, my car is just a few steps away. Let me drop you off home, okay?"

Rachel struggled to pull her arm away from his grasp. She pointed at the white motorcycle parked by the road and said, "There, I have a motorcycle! If I take your car back home, what will happen to my motorcycle over there? I don't think it can go home by itself. Thank you, Mr. Yan. Maybe, next time!"

There was clearly something dodgy going on with Patrick. Why was he always trying to get her on his car every time they met?

"Oh that, I'll have someone drive it back. Don't worry!" Patrick raised his eye-brows and said, disapprovingly. He took out his phone and called a number.

"No, there's no need! That's very kind of you, but if I remember correctly, you were having lunch with someone, right? It would be rude of you to leave your partner alone at the table, and I don't think a gentleman should ever act like that." Rachel said when she remembered seeing Patrick having lunch with a girl.

"My partner? Oh, she said that she had got something urgent to take care of, so she left a while ago, " said Patrick in no hurry. Patrick took a quick glance at the table he was at before. There was no one there and the girl he was with had left when she saw him talking to Rachel.

Rachel had run out of excuses to throw at him. It looked like Patrick wouldn't leave her alone and was determined to drop her off at her place.

Why? Did this man have a secret hobby of driving women home? He wasn't so successful the last time, so this time, he persisted. What would he do if she were to turn him down?

"Listen to me, Rachel. I hope you'll get in my car. Let me tell you something. Salt Sea City is my territory; I can do whatever my heart desires here. The police won't say a thing, even if I drive my car into a busy mall." Patrick grinned. He stepped forward to open the door for Rachel, and made an invitational gesture with his hand.

"Mr. Yan, why are you taking so much trouble? Look, I'm married, and aren't you afraid of what people will say, when they see you driving a married woman in your car?" asked Rachel, reluctantly.

Rachel cast a glance at his magnificent Porsche; she thought it looked like a trap, waiting for her.

"Aha! Stop kidding around. I am not afraid of anyone or anything, for that matter. Do you think I am as selfish as your husband?" Patrick complained about what Hiram had done to her. Seeing Rachel's hesitation

ent over and looked into Jasmine's bright little eyes, "Yes, I broke her heart. Did Rachel tell you about me? Is she still mad at me?"

Jasmine shook her little head and pouted her lips, "No, she didn't. But I begged her to give birth to a little baby girl, because I prefer a baby girl to a baby boy."

"Then, tell me, what did she say about that?" asked Hiram. Hiram looked at this adorable little girl with tenderness and love.

"Rachel said she wanted to have an adorable girl like me, " said Jasmine, with a big smile on her face.

Hiram let out a soft smile from one corner of his mouth, and Jasmine felt as if a gentle breeze had kissed her face. He nodded his head at Laura to say good-bye and walked out of the door.

"Where's Rachel, Hiram?" Chad had opened the door for him and asked when he didn't see Rachel with Hiram.

Hiram got in the car and sent Rachel's new number to Chad, he said, "Call this number and locate her position. I want to see her as soon as possible."

Hiram shifted his gaze to the skies outside the window. For three days, he had tirelessly searched everywhere, looking for Rachel. He nearly went to all of her relatives' and friends' homes, and finally here she was.

Hiram was well aware that Rachel didn't want to see him, and that was why she had been avoiding him.

However, he couldn't live without her. He felt as if a part of his heart was missing when she was not around.

Hiram searched all the way from H City to Salt City for her. He had to depend on his own abilities since Fannie wouldn't tell him where Rachel was. Thankfully, he was able to find her in this seaside city.

'Rachel, honey, I couldn't let you go. I would even follow you all the way to the Heavens if I have to. Stay with me forever.'

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