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   Chapter 167 Being Alone

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"Did I wake you up?" Daniel's voice sounded softly on the phone.

Rachel sat up straight. She had only minded herself and forgot about him. "No, you didn't. How are you? Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine. That couldn't hurt me so easily." Daniel laughed. As for the drug, it lost its effect on him after he had fulfilled his desire. Besides, his wounds had almost recovered.

"That's a relief. I was about to call you... Ummm, may I take a few days off?" Rachel had wanted to call him tomorrow morning.

Daniel hesitated for a few seconds, and then agreed, "No problem. Although Zachary escaped, he is now wanted by the authorities nationwide, so don't worry. He won't pose any threat to you."

"What? He escaped?" Rachel got upset upon hearing that.

"Yeah, they were about to arrest him, but after Hiram heard that you were in trouble, they stopped halfway, " said Daniel, then he continued, "He is quite cunning. Hiram and I had planned to search for you in different places. However, what we didn't expect was that he had many strongholds. Before we eventually found you, we had to destroy many of those bases."

Daniel took a deep breath, then said slowly, "Hiram was so worried about you that he didn't sleep for several days and he didn't eat anything during that time. I know you still blame him, but... don't be so harsh on him. He did his best to find you.

I mean...actually you can punish him, but please think of all the effort he has devoted to you..."

Rachel raised her head and looked outside. Outside her window, the night was struggling to fall asleep. She sneered, "Daniel, now I feel envious of him."

"Envious? Why? He's your husband..."

Daniel asked quizzically.

"It was me who got kidnapped, but everyone is still standing on his side! Everyone! Starting from my mother-in-law, you and my mom, all on his side!"

Rachel's eyes turned red with tears.

"Although I was the only victim in this kidnapping, no one speaks for me..."

Rachel felt like she had no one who could understand the traumatic experience she had gone through.

Rachel then said with desperation, "It's like suddenly, I've become the one who is making trouble out of nothing. I'm the one to blame. You'

s with sister." His eyes glared at Rachel with dissatisfaction.

Rachel smiled and turned to her aunt, "Aunt, give me the address. I'll deliver the goods for you."

Rachel's aunt, Laura Ruan, refused, "No... You've come here to relax. I can't let you work for me. Moreover, you are new to this area. I can go, it's fine!"

Although she lived in a small town, she had heard the news about Rachel's kidnapping. Needless to say, she cared about Rachel because she was family.

"I would start to feel embarrassed if you continue refusing my help. I can find the place with my phone. I just need the address so I can deliver the goods quickly."

Rachel smiled to comfort her, then reached out her hand and softly touched Mars' little face.

"I'll go and leave your mother here to play with you. Are you happy?"

Mars nodded in response, immediately, then wiped the tears from his face and said to her hesitantly, "Cousin... before you come back, can you buy me a burger?"

Rachel laughed and replied, "Okay!" Then she said to Laura, "Give me the address and the waybill. Don't worry, I'll come back soon!"

Laura had no other choice. She needed to be there to care for her naughty son. Laura patted Mars on the head and then handed the seafood that needed to be delivered and a handwritten waybill to Rachel.

While Rachel was changing her clothes, Laura tied the goods on the motorcycle.

Rachel fitted the helmet on her head, and then hopped on the motorcycle.

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