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   Chapter 166 Give Me Another Chance

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"I saw everything in the surveillance video, "

Hiram said, staring at Rachel.

"Rachel opened the door, but she didn't actually enter the room. It was clear that the kidnappers were not targeting her. If Lydia had kept quiet about who Rachel was, Zachary wouldn't have kidnapped her."

He had watched that short video many times with Chad and Kun, And that was the conclusion they had all arrived at.

At that time, Zachary hadn't known who Rachel was, so he hadn't had the intention to catch her. She could have escaped with that opportunity.

She could have at least saved herself from danger.

From the video, it was clear that it was only because of Lydia's tip that Zachary decided to kidnap Rachel.

"Hiram! Please believe me! I was so scared at that time. When Rachel opened the door, I thought of her as my life-saver! How could I have had such an evil intention?

And after that, I didn't know that the kidnappers would allow you to save only one of us!"

Lydia tried to explain, looking at him with tears in her eyes.

Hiram's eyes turned cold. Glaring at the sister he had grown up with, he said, "Lydia, I don't want to accept the fact that my sister, who used to be so lovely and clever, has now turned into a crafty woman.

You were in such a dangerous situation, but instead of thinking about how to escape, you were thinking about how to harm your sister-in-law."

"Hiram... I..."

"Tell me the truth. Are you going to insist that you're innocent?"


Lydia had run out of excuses.

Rachel turned her back to them, took a deep breath, and said, "Mother, I'm sorry. I have to go now. My mom is waiting for me at home."

Joanna opened her mouth and closed it again without saying anything. She stared at her daughter like she was looking at a stranger.

Rachel stepped out of the house that seemed luxurious but had hurt her so much.

She walked to the side of the main road and was about to call a taxi

When she noticed a Maybach stop beside her.

Hiram did

ad been so angry that she couldn't accept Hiram's choice at all. But after a little while, she began to understand it.

"Mom, I know I can't blame him. But you should think of this from another point of view. The Rong family is wealthy, but they're envied by so many people. No one can promise that such a thing won't happen again.

This time, Lydia and I were kidnapped. What about the next time? If his mother and I were kidnapped, how would he choose? Do you believe that he would choose me?"

Rachel shook her head. "Mom, I didn't come to this decision just because of the choice he made.

I just want to enjoy my life in peace and keep you company."

Fannie sighed. She knew that she couldn't change Rachel's mind.

"No matter what you've decided, I'll support you. However, can you really forget him?" Fannie asked, then walked to the bedroom.

The two hadn't spent a long time together, but they had already shared a bed.

If they got divorced now, could they really regard each other as strangers?

Rachel went to her room, but she didn't go to sleep right away. Ever since that incident, she kept having nightmares where she was running through the farmland without stopping.

After reading a book for an hour, she turned off the night lamp.

Not long after she lay down, her phone brightened with a notification.

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