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   Chapter 165 Slapping Lydia

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As soon as Rachel entered the Rong's mansion, Joanna, who was waiting for her in the living room, Stood up and rushed towards her.

"Rachel! Thank God! You're finally back!" Joanna felt relieved that Rachel was back safe and sound. Worried that something bad might happen to her, she hadn't had any appetite or sleep the past few days.

"Mom, I'm okay. Sorry to have worried you!" Rachel said calmly.

Although she was angry, she knew that it wasn't Joanna's fault. It dad been difficult for her to make a choice between her daughter and her daughter-in-law.

"Even though you don't blame me, I feel ashamed, " Joanna cried, looking at Rachel with tears in her eyes. She knew Rachel must have been hurt by Hiram's decision.

"Mom! Where is Lydia?" Rachel asked suddenly.

As if reading her mind, Lydia was walking downstairs.

"Rachel... You're back?" Lydia had been shocked when she heard the news that Rachel was back, but she had to come downstairs to greet her, or it wouldn't be polite.

Rachel turned around at Lydia's voice. Lydia, who was standing on the stairs, looked beautiful but frail.

Rachel didn't answer her. Instead, she went to the table in the center of the living room and picked up a cup filled with tea. It seemed the owner hadn't had time to drink it.

With the cup in her hand, she walked slowly towards Lydia.

Hiram came in at that moment and saw Rachel walking towards Lydia.

Rachel stopped in front of her and said, "Yes, I'm back! You must be very disappointed."

With that, she raised her hand and poured the tea on Lydia's head. Lydia stood there shocked for a moment with tea slowly dripping down her face and tea leaves hanging in her hair.


Joanna cried out. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Rachel stared at Lydia, who now looked weak and pathetic. Lydia said, "Go ahead, Rachel! I know you're mad at me!"

Rachel gritted her teeth and sneered. She suddenly threw the cup at Lydia's head.

Compared to what she had suffered the past few days, it was nothing at all.

"Rachel!" Joanna was stunned. She was about to go over, but Hiram stopped her.

Lydia screamed when the cup hit her. She wiped her face and said with tears in her

wrong, so I was about to leave and get help, because it would be impossible for me to save you by myself.

And at that moment, those men didn't want to kidnap me because they didn't know who I was. They thought I was worthless.

But you, you revealed my identity with your screaming, and that's why they took the risk of kidnapping me!"

Rachel said coldly. She knew she was right. If the men had been planning to kidnap her, they would have caught her as soon as she opened the door instead of trying to hide themselves without making any noise.

Their target had been Lydia, the daughter of the Rong family.

They hadn't planned to kidnap Rachel until they found out that she was Hiram's wife, thanks to Lydia.

If Lydia hadn't cried out, this disaster wouldn't have happened to Rachel.

Lydia had gotten Rachel involved by conveying her identity to the kidnappers.

"What are you talking about? How could I have considered so much under such circumstances?"

Lydia retorted anxiously.

Then she turned to Hiram and Joanna in a hurry.

"Hiram! Mom! Rachel is blabbering nonsense! She never likes me, so she's putting all the blame on me now!"

Now that she had revealed everything, Rachel didn't bother to look at Lydia anymore.

She didn't care about what would happen next

And whether Hiram and Joanna would believe her or not, Not anymore.

She strode towards the door.

Just then, Hiram who had been silent so far spoke up.

"I trust you!"

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