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   Chapter 164 I Want A Divorce

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"Hiram, your clothes are all wet. You'd better go and get changed, " Chad said, walking over. Hiram was standing still in front of Rachel's hotel room door, not realizing or caring about the water dripping from his shirt.

Hearing Chad's voice, Hiram pulled himself out of his thoughts and turned to him. "Stay here for me. Give me a call immediately if something is up. I'm going to change my clothes."

Chad nodded. He sighed as he watched Hiram walk away.

He knew that it wasn't going to be easy for Rachel to get over this. Being kidnapped, having guns pointed at her head, having a bomb strapped onto her, being almost raped by a countryman in a rural area, seeing Daniel get beaten up, and being drugged... Even though Chad was familiar with such things, what Rachel had gone through seemed like something that could only happen in a movie.

Inside the room...

After taking the pill Hiram gave her, Rachel managed to get some sleep, although she tossed and turned the whole night. It was nine the next morning when she woke up.

Rachel felt her head swirling and rubbed it with both hands. Her stomach started to rumble. She couldn't remember the last time she ate something, so she quickly got up to get ready.

She saw a set of new clothes folded neatly on a chair, from underwear to coat.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth, and then put on the clothes that had been set out for her before opening the door.

She was taken aback when she found Hiram standing right in front of it, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He was gazing ahead, lost in his thought.

It seemed he had been standing here the whole night.

Hearing the door open, Hiram pulled himself back to reality and looked at Rachel.

"You must be starving. Let's go and have breakfast, " he said, holding her hand and walking towards the dining hall on the other end of the corridor.

He had barely taken a step when Rachel pulled her hand out of his. Instead of trying again, he shoved his hand back into his pocket and tried to fall into step with her.

But Rachel slowed down, walking at least three or four steps behind him on purpose.

At the dining hall, Rachel hardly took a seat when the dishes were served one by one. The table was ladden with food in less than three minutes.

A middle-aged waitress smiled at Rachel and said, "Here you are, my dear madam. We have been preparing dishes since last night. Your husband was worried that you couldn't sleep and might want to eat."

She was about to continue, intending to divulge more, but with a cold glance from Hiram, she shut up and gestured the other waitresses to leave with her.

Rachel had't said a word till now. She took a bowl of rice and began eating, reaching for the dishes on the table once in a while. Her full focus

to her eyes and said, "Come to my parents' home with me. My mom has been worrying about you, and she's waiting to see you now."

Rachel didn't turn him down, and got into the car directly.

"Fine, I have something to say to Lydia, " she said as she fastened her seat belt. She fixed her eyes forward without so much as a glance at Hiram.

Hearing what she said, Hiram paused for a moment, then said, "Okay."

They didn't speak at all on their way to Joanna's place.

Looking outside at the bright neon lights, the past flashed in Rachel's head like a movie.

It had only been two or three months since she met Hiram, but what she had gone through these few months was more thrilling than her entire life. It was like being on a roller coaster.

Suddenly, she felt Hiram grabbing her hand on her lap.

She tried to pull away, but he was holding it too tightly. "Hey, Rachel, I know you hate me now. You can yell at me, you can beat me, you can even bite me, anything as long as it makes you feel better. Please don't keep all your feelings inside."

Hiram was hurt that Rachel was shutting him out ever since she was rescued. He tried to warm her heart by grabbing her hand.

"No, you're wrong. I don't hate you. You've done nothing wrong. You saved your sister. As an elder brother, you did what you should do. Why should I hate you for doing the right thing?" said Rachel calmly.

Then she took her hand out of Hiram's.

Hiram put his hand on the steering wheel, the shine leaving his eyes.

He was an elder brother.

But above all, he was a husband, Rachel's husband.

Finally, they reached Joanna's house. Hiram slowly drove to a stop in the courtyard.

Before Hiram could even unfasten his seat belt, Rachel opened the door on her side and got off, walking inside alone without waiting for him.

Hiram frowned and got out of the car as quickly as he could.

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