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   Chapter 163 Hatred

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After Rachel was brought out of the dark room, she got into a military car. She remained silent throughout the whole ride.

She tried to suppress the urge deep in the pit of her stomach. It was quite ironic. Even though she was numb and exhausted, all her body felt was desire.

After an hour's drive, the car stopped in a small city that was famous for its tourist spots, so the environment here was better. Rachel was checked into a hotel room.

There, inside the bathroom, Rachel submerged herself in icy water, her glassy eyes staring at the water overflowing from the tub.

The water was cold, but her heart was colder.

After a while, the door was opened by someone, jerking Rachel's senses awake. She tried to control her breathing and carefully listened to what was going on outside the bathroom.

She heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"... Are you done?"

It was Hiram's voice.

Realizing it was only him, Rachel felt somewhat relaxed. Of course, why had she become so alert? She was safe with bodyguards surrounding the hotel.

Who would come in except him?

Instead of replying, Rachel continued to lie inside the bathtub with her eyes closed.

After knocking the door for a while and hearing no reply, Hiram became a little worried.

He found a key to the bathroom and opened the door. When he saw her lying in the bathtub with her eyes closed, he became anxious.

"Rachel! Rachel!"

Rachel turned her head to the other side, trying to avoid looking at him. "I'm fine. Get out of here."

Hiram frowned when his hand touched the icy water. He turned off the tap.

Then he bent down into the water and hugged her!

"Hiram! Stop touching me!"

Rachel yelled, finally opening her eyes.

Ignoring what she had said, Hiram covered her with a bath towel and dragged her out of the bathroom.

"Hiram... Let me go! Now!"

No matter how loud she screamed, Hi

too. "I miss you so much..."

"Forget everything that happened. All that matters now is that you're safe. Remember to come back as soon as possible after you've recovered! I want to see you!" Fannie said, choking back tears.

"Hiram hasn't slept for two days trying to find you. Thank God you're safe!" she said again.

Rachel took a deep breath and wiped off the tears on her cheeks, trying to calm down. "Mom, are you okay now?"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Nothing happened to me!" Fannie didn't tell her that she had fainted after hearing that Rachel was kidnapped. Since her blood pressure was under control now, she didn't think it was necessary to tell her about it.

"Okay... I'm fine now! I'll come back to see you soon!"

"Okay, dear. Take care of yourself! I'm fine. Don't worry about me, " Fannie said.

After Rachel hung up the phone, she began sobbing, suddenly remembering everything she had been through.

It was always the closest one who would care for her.

It seemed only her mother would stand by her side.

Outside the door, Hiram stood listening to her cry. His dark eyes were filled with sorrow.

Although he terribly wanted to go in and comfort her, he knew he couldn't. Her desperate cries were tearing him apart!

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